Xbox and Adidas Are Lacing Up for Exciting Celebration

Xbox and Adidas Are Lacing Up for Exciting Celebration

The act of playing brings Xbox and adidas closer with their new collaborative project.

I remember playing Halo: Combat Evolved and SSX Tricky on the original Xbox console. Xbox and Adidas want to commemorate this nostalgic feeling of playing on the first version of the console by releasing new Xbox-inspired sneakers. Fun fact: Halo: Combat Evolved pioneered the gaming era for Microsoft!

Xbox And Adidas Are Lacing Up For Exciting Celebration
Xbox and adidas

Both companies have been looking back at what made the Xbox great as they’ve been working hard to present “the Xbox 20th Forum Tech.” The sneakers blend the colours of the original console with its black and green accents. The trims of the soles are even given a lighter hue against the darker, iconic green gamers are familiar with. If you want to get technical will the colour of green, here it is:


  • HEX COLOR: #107C10;
  • RGB: (16,124,16)
  • CMYK: (87,26,100,15)

This project will be called “Always Played In. Never Played Out”, which will highlight the experience and importance of play in things like sports, gaming and life — over the past 20 years. They chose to lean into this concept because sports helped propel the gaming community to what it is today with the countless sponsorships and partnerships. This is like paying homage to the roots of the early 21st Century.

YouTube video

The first trailer focuses on simpler times in the early 2000s when we were all trying to be skater boys or girls on the concrete jungle, playing Halo while listening to some Avril Lavigne. The teaser skillfully shows a montage of this throwback feeling with clips of skateboarders doing tricks with the “Xbox 20th Forum Tech” shoes while it cuts to a couple kids playing Halo. They even filmed it like it was a stereotypical skate tape!

I’ll definitely be grabbing these new kicks when they drop, just to be a part of the cool kids of course. They encourage fans to chill and check their Twitter daily for a chance to cop a pair of these rad skater shoes.

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