Xbox Partners With Dolby For Atmos and Vision Support

With Two Years Of Exclusivity

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Dolby’s premium visual and sound technology is coming exclusively to Xbox consoles for the next two years via a marketing deal between the two companies.

While Dolby has been advertising its Atmos and Vision products for Xbox consoles on its website, the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch has been suspiciously missing, but now it seems the reason has been revealed with a two-year exclusivity deal being the reason for the lack of support on other platforms.

For those who don’t know, the Dolby Atmos technology supposedly offers a superior sound experience to what you can get normally from speakers or headphones, while Dolby Vision offers visual fidelity claimed to be better than traditional HDR. Whether you’re someone who uses these products or not, you’ll have to go with Xbox’s platforms if you’d like to use them for your gaming needs anytime soon.

With Atmos costing $15 to license (unless using an Xbox Wireless Headset) and Vision only being supported on specific devices, it’s a niche tech that some will be stoked to have access to.

Xbox X Dolby
Xbox x Dolby

Originally discovered from a now-deleted post from Xbox Wire’s French arm, the announcement touted its exclusivity in a news post. Considering Microsoft has already had public announcements testing Vision support, this news isn’t exactly a surprise, but with the Nintendo Switch Pro rumours of an upgraded system and PlayStation already focused on their Tempest 3D audio engine, it wouldn’t be that surprising to see the rival consoles miss out on the Dolby support for the time being.

Regardless, Xbox owners seemingly can look forward to utilising this support soon, with upgraded visuals, audio, and more getting increasingly exciting as next-consoles have been released. Things are certainly moving up in the tech space, with newer, bigger, and better devices and technology showing off a spectacular future for gaming.

Steven Green
Steven Green

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