Xbox Series Looking At A Quick Resume Feature Toggle

Xbox Series Looking At A Quick Resume Feature Toggle & Lunar Shift Controller Leak

Xbox as the Xbox Series S/X will ‘look at’ a way to disable the quick resume function as a new ‘Lunar Shift’ controller details leak.

On Twitter, Phil Spencer responded to a fan that stated worries about the quick resume function on the Xbox Series of consoles basically crashing online only titles, such as Halo Infinite when it launched. @GabeTC99 said “I still don’t understand how it’s not a feature you can disable, it’s amazing for a lot of games but when it tries to quick resume an online only game it absolutely breaks it, and you have to manually quit. If only an option to disable it for such games existed,” to which Phil Spencer responded.

While the quick resume function does save fans time when it works, online games crash when attempting to resume. Titles like Forza Horizon 5, and Metal: Hellsinger utilize leaderboard functions while the game remains playable offline, but when posting a best lap time, or best run time, players aren’t notified until AFTER the achievements are accomplished. As stated above, these issues correct themselves when manually quitting and restarting. Disabling the function could help deter online gaming interference in the future, and it’s now “on the list of things to look at,” according to Spencer himself.

Xbox Series ‘Lunar Shift’ Controller Leak

The second controller leak the Xbox has suffered in one week has reared its head, with the impressive looking Lunar Shift, as revealed by Twitter user @EspiaDeOfertas, with full box art.

The new controller appears to be a Microsoft Xbox licensed controller with all the in-and-outs one can expect from a traditional Series pad, complete with a share button. This leak arrives on the heels of another controller leak turned announcement last week, with the ‘Mineral Camo’ receiving an official announcement and purchase page from Xbox themselves.

Xbox Series Looking At A Quick Resume Feature Toggle

The Lunar Shift still has yet to receive an official announcement, but it might come soon, considering the renders of the official box art seem to be the real deal, and the finder has inexplicitly found the listing on Amazon as a purchasable item.

Xbox Series Looking At A Quick Resume Feature Toggle

Lastly in Xbox Series news, today marks the last Xbox Games With Gold day to receive a free Xbox 360 game with gold. Going forward, the Games With Gold service will no longer allow players to snag 360 games for the best price on the market. Players signed up for the Xbox Live Gold service should dash over to the service page on console or PC to grab possibly one of their best offerings of Portal 2 today before it’s gone tomorrow.

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