YouTube Pursues Identity With New Launch Sound & Animation

youtube pursues identity with new launch sound amp animation 735870

Yesterday, YouTube rolled out the red carpet for its new launch noise attempting to establish a prominent identity akin to Netflix’s ‘Tudum’.

If you’re an avid YouTube watcher, you may have noticed a new jingle slam your eardrums as the app starts on either your computer, smartphone or even TV screen recently. This is definitely by design, as a new blog post from the media company highlights the decision, and the new sound can be heard, along with the animation below.

YouTube video

The Motion Designer of YouTube Art Department, Andrew Lebov says “The initial idea behind the sound was to have something vibrant, engaging and easily recognizable, so that as soon as you hear it – even if you’re turned away from your TV or device – you know that something’s about to pop up on YouTube,” regarding the new, but very brief noise.

Netflix has gained a notoriety for the ‘Tudum’ noise, so much so that its instantly recognizable as being mutually exclusive to the streaming giant. Even self aware programming like The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale utilizes jokes with the iconic noise as punchlines to jokes. YouTube may seek to capitalize on that market.

The long-winded Inside YouTube blog breaks down every aspect of the new noise to a tee, detailing exactly how they came up with the four second intro. While the sound aims to be “story driven” there’s also another new feature the content creator centered site is opening further, and that’s a Community feature.

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As Twitter spirals out of control under the Elon Musk banner, the new community feature allows creators to engage with their audience seamlessly. The set requirements for using the community tab are to basically have 500+ subscribers to your channel, and use one of three methods to gain access: channel history, video verification, or a valid ID. Creators should take note that it may take up to one week to see the community tab after being given permission to use advanced features.

YouTube seems to be on the up and up with a new start up noise that establishes identity as a platform, and although the video site has been around since 2005, some things are better late than never.

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