Find Your Next Favorite Indie Game on the Atari VCS

Atari® is pleased to highlight some new titles that are available now or coming soon from popular and up-and-coming indie video game developers on the all-new Atari VCS™ videogame computer system.

Experience Atari titles that transport you to the arcade of decades past as you explore wondrous worlds, claim triumph in epic space battles or munch your way to victory. Here are the latest games showcased by iconic gaming brand Atari. 

From the Aery series, choose from three entries that let you explore lush landscapes and face new challenges in a variety of environments. For fans of the original GuntechGuntech 2.0 offers up new worlds and a fresh game mode to delve into. If you’re looking for a new diet plan, check out Bite the Bullet, where what you eat helps drive you to victory. And if you simply love kicking a ball around the field, take a dive into Pixel Cup Soccer. No matter what your favorite style of game to play is, you’re guaranteed to find a new favorite on the Atari VCS. 

Aery – A Journey Beyond Time is already available for players to discover. Players take the role of a flying god-like creature in the form of a bird who observes the world and its inhabitants. As they soar through history and various stages of human development, they’ll watch humanity grow and evolve throughout the time they as know it. 

Aery – Broken Memories lets players enter the mind of a person in a coma. In the form of a beautiful bird, they’ll move through thoughts, fears, and memories. Players will find memory shards that teach them about their host as they unlock new areas of their mind in order to heal them. 

The final game in the Aery series coming to the Atari VCS is Aery – Sky Castle. Once again, in the form of a bird, players explore an unknown world that’s full of dreamy, beautiful landscapes. They’ll encounter environmental riddles and additional surprises as they traverse through this story-driven adventure to restore a broken world. 

Veteran game developer Jani Penttinen with studio Utopos Games recently released a revamped update for GuntechGuntech 2.0 is like a sequel to its predecessor even though it has many of the original fan-favorite levels. The latest update adds five distinct worlds that each ends with a mighty boss battle. Guntech 2.0 features twice as many enemies, action, and thrills. Players will also encounter a new game mode called Arcade, where they can select a world to play in and best their highest scores. Guntech 2.0 also supports the spin action of the Atari Classic Joystick, offering control of ships in new and exciting ways. 

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