Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 352 — The One About Biomutant

| May 28, 2021
Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 352 — The One About Biomutant

On this week’s Pixels & Ink Podcast: Jordan and Chris sit down to talk about the newest rumour of the upgraded Nintendo Switch—this time a Bloomberg report suggests the upgraded console could be announced prior to E3 2021.

Jordan and Chris talk about what they want from the upgraded console, both in hardware and games; this inevitably spins off into a tangent about E3 in general and what games Nintendo might announce. 

Afterwards the two take a moment to talk about Amazon acquiring MGM Studios, but are interupted by the Sonic 30th Stream to get excited about the announcement of Sonic Colours Ultimate, and Sonic Origins. The two talk more about Sonic the Hedgehog—their favorite games and the longevity of the franchise. They take a second at the end to talk about Call of Duty’s “80’s Action Hero” event and how the inclusion of John Rambo in a game like Call of Duty kind of undercuts the theme of that movie.

To close off the podcast, Jordan goes on a long rant about Biomutant—the new action RPG published by THQ Nordic. Jordan (the overwhelming critical majority) thought it was a pretty bad game, and he explains why, while also pondering why so many people online seem to be very mad at his review and why they’re so defensive of this objectively bad video game.

About the Castors:

  • Jordan Biordi: Managing Editor, host of Pixels & Ink; and part-time Ninja; when he’s not busy combating the forces of evil, he’s writing articles and making videos on the hilariously mediocre Youtube channel: Ninja-Jordan Reviews.
  • Chris De Hoog: A writer and podcaster from Ontario, Chris discovered roleplaying games with Final Fantasy on the NES and has been overthinking them ever since. When he’s not obsessing over Star Wars, you can find him steaming at twitch.tv/guildtwotaps

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