Pixels & Ink – Episode #269: Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAKE!!

Pixels & Ink - Episode #269: Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAKE!! 3

This week the CGM crew was delighted to interview David Hayter. Best know for his work as a screenwriter for X-Men and The Watchmen, director, and most famously as the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear game franchise, we chat about his work in film, TV, and video games, his thoughts on the SAG strike, and what it would take to make a good videogame movie.

Phil Brown saw the incredibly disappointing Happy Death Day movie this week and regales the team with all its ridiculous nonsense. Brendan Quinn gives us a rundown of The Evil Within 2, a horrifically frightening survival horror that lives up to its predecessor.

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Want to read more about the topics we talked about today? Check out Phil Brown’s reviews of Happy Death Day!

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