Storm (PS3) Review

Storm (PS3) Review
Storm (PS3) Review 2
Developer: Array
Played On: PlayStation 3
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
CGM Editors Choice

Storm is a challenging new puzzle game which relies upon physics-related problem solving in order to complete each level.  The purpose of each level is to move a seed along through the level, starting from a tree, and eventually getting to a dirt patch, where it is planted and a new tree grows from it.  The levels are split into four major sections, which are patterned around the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  The game is definitely an experience, which takes time and consideration to come up with the solution to each level.  The game makes the user utilize rain, wind and lightning to help move the seed through the level, from filling up a gap with water so the seed can float through, to zapping it with lightning to make it jump over a gap, to having water produce bubbles which envelope the seed, so that you can blow the seed towards the goal utilizing gusts of wind.

The game developers have put together a great package, with the graphics being quite light and lush, showing off the environment that the level takes place in.  The sound effects and music are quite enjoyable, a perfect complement to the visuals, in helping to evoke the sounds of nature, and establish a serene and pleasant mood.  The levels are patterned according to the season it takes place in, with the spring levels featuring lots of rain, the summer levels featuring flammable grass that can be lit by lightning, etc.  The controls are quite simple, with a cursor being used to put into action any of the elemental power-ups the player might acquire through a level, and these abilities being triggered by a simple button press.  It does take a little while to get accustomed to the way that the levels are laid out, and to adjust one’s thinking accordingly so that you can play through the various levels.  There are forty-nine levels altogether, comprising the four seasons, and once these levels are completed, there is an additional mode available whereby the player replays all of the levels, only now has to collect spirits, which are littered throughout the course of the level.

Storm is an immensely entertaining and enjoyable puzzle game, which has a fantastic theme which it uses to its fullest potential.  The premise is simple, yet the way in which the puzzles are completed is far more complex and multilayered.  This is a game certainly worth checking out, which will provide hours of both slight frustration and solid entertainment.

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