Anda Seat T-Pro II Review

Anda Seat T-Pro II Review
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Anda Seat T-Pro II
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I’m a very particular person when it comes to my furniture. I like a slightly softer, and deeper seat, so I can curl up when I’m sitting in the chair. Our sectional at home has both things, as does my current gaming/office chair. When I received the Anda Seat T-Pro II Series, I put it through its paces to see what it can do.

Being experienced with building Anda Seat chairs after my experience with the Anda Seat Kaiser II, assembly was far less painstaking, and took a fraction of the time. That experience still didn’t make the chair any lighter though, weighing in at just shy of 34 kg (75lbs).

After the assembly, which took under 30 minutes, I took a seat and felt the same comfort that I was used to from my current chair. One thing that Anda Seat has down is the lumbar support cushion. It fit perfectly into the small of my back and provided the support and ergonomics that I need to sit in the T-Pro II for many hours on end.

Both the lumbar support and headrest cushions are detachable if you don’t want to use them or find them uncomfortable. This was the case for me with the headrest specifically. It is very firm and puts my head in an unnatural position when I am sitting upright in the chair. At 6’3”, the pillow should have fit me well, but even in the right spot, it was awkward. It’s a different type of cushion than what I expected, and I had to remove it as quickly as I put it on.

“I was raving about how comfortable the Anda Seat T-Pro II was after sitting there for over an hour.”

The seat of the chair was a bit firm at first, but that isn’t a bad thing. Before long, I was raving about how comfortable the Anda Seat T-Pro II was after sitting there for over an hour. The only issue I had with the seat was that I wanted it to be deeper.

One thing I will mention about the T-Pro II is that it is designed for taller individuals. My fiancée is 5’2 and her feet hung off the floor when she sat upright in the chair. The T-Pro II only comes in XL size, but they do have the T-Compact available in an L size.

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Underneath all the padding and fabric, is the frame, which is as sturdy as one could ever want. The frame itself is made of 100% steel, so its durability is not in question. The 5-star base is made from aluminium and keeps the chair sturdy and stable on the ground. I never questioned the build quality of these parts during the entire time I spent with the T-Pro II, as I was not exactly gentle getting in and out of it at times.

The T-Pro II features five 65 mm King Size PU-covered wheels that are designed to stay in place when needed to keep you from sliding away from the desk during a particularly intense section of your game. Not only do these wheels keep you in place, they were made to effortlessly roll you across the floor without leaving awful scuff marks on the surface. Having tile floors, I can attest to that, as I have not seen a single track mark from when I wheel across the room to get a snack.

“I’d be remiss if I did not talk about one of the best things about the T-Pro II, and that’s the level of recline that it allows.”

I’d be remiss if I did not talk about one of the best things about the T-Pro II, and that’s the level of recline that it allows. The T-Pro II will go from 90 degrees upright to 160 degrees horizontal, almost laying you completely flat. Even better, is that it doesn’t feel like you’re going to tip the chair over either. There were a few times that I had been sitting and finished a difficult firefight in Battlefield 2042, and needed a breather, and reclined as far as I could. The chair welcomed me down to 160 degrees horizontal and right back up again when I needed, effortlessly.

Anda Seat T-Pro Ii Review

The armrests are the typical 4D armrests that I love from Anda Seat. They move in four directions: up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards, and tilt outwards and inwards. These are made this way to allow you the most comfort possible and let you put the armrests in a position that is best for you. The tops of the armrests are slightly cushioned but not too much, to allow the arm to sit on top instead of sinking into a possible ergonomically damaging position.

I prefer to have fabric furniture, personally. My car has fabric seats, my couch is fabric, and the T-Pro II is fabric. I love this because it is breathable. To quote Anda Seat here, “the weave of a fabric is vastly superior for breathability to avoid a sweaty back and arse.” No one wants a sweaty arse, and Anda Seat have that covered with the T-Pro II. Winner in my book for that alone.

The Anda Seat T-Pro II is a fantastic chair that I wish had a couple of minor personal adjustments. The comfort level and durability are top-drawer, and I would easily recommend this chair to anyone who needs an office or gaming chair.

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