DXRacer AIR Mesh Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer AIR Mesh Gaming Chair Review 6

I’ve had a lot of gaming chairs roll past my desk lately, and the DXRacer AIR Mesh Gaming Chair is the most unique looking of all of them so far. DXRacer boasts that the chair is “Engineered to be the ultimate gaming chair—super breathable, versatile, and supportive.” It certainly meets some of the marks, but there are a few oversights in the chair’s design that prevent it from earning the “ultimate” title.

The style of this chair is bizarre to me; it looks like a gaming chair mixed with a very industrial style, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The mesh fabric coupled with the hard black plastic and metal bars and knobs attaching the head pillow definitely make a statement. I don’t mind the overall chair aesthetic, but the headrest leaves plenty to be desired. Not only is it an over-complicated design, but it looks a bit gaudy. I prefer sleek and sophisticated—even in a gaming chair—and all the added bulk was just unnecessary.

Dxracer Air Mesh Gaming Chair Review 5

I will note that the chair is built for people up to 6’2” and 250lbs, and I sit at 5’1”, about 140lbs (shh, don’t tell!). I was happy to be able to lower the chair and comfortably put my feet on the floor. Unfortunately, with this chair, and every other gaming chair, there is no way to adjust the headrest to fit my body. This is normal in most chairs, so I don’t hold it against DXRacer solely, but it would be nice to use a headrest for once.

DXRacer AIR Mesh gaming chair claims to be the first to use “recycled mesh coupled with unique suspension springs to keep you cool and comfortable all game long.” It looked really uncomfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised. First off, if you ever game for long (and I mean long) sessions, you know how hot and sweaty a standard leather-style chair can be. The mesh used on the DXRacer Air Mesh is extremely breathable and actually kind of refreshing, I can’t wait to see what summer brings. Testing it in a freezing cold office in December probably wasn’t ideal, but the mesh did let the heat from my Dreo Space Heater keep me warm, so it was a win-win!

“The mesh used on the DXRacer Air Mesh is extremely breathable and actually kind of refreshing, I can’t wait to see what summer brings.”

I was worried that mesh might not be a sturdy choice for a chair, but combined with the adjustable lumbar support, this chair hugged my body perfectly. I found it soft, but still supportive in the seat and back. I found a huge issue in the design around the frame of the back though. I thought it was due to my size, but after having taller friends try it out, they saw the same issue. The ripple design on the frame juts out right where your elbows would sit on the arm rests.

Though the arm rests are adjustable in four ways, it still doesn’t avoid this bump that sits right at the back of your arm. You can move them up and down, forward and backwards, side to side and on an angle, but the bump remains directly in the way. I usually sit forward a bit, so it wasn’t a huge deal, but sitting right back and resting my arms would be bothersome.

The DXRacer Air Mesh can be adjusted for height, headrest, lean and lumbar support as well. The headrest has four heights, but could not fit me at its lowest, though the memory foam pillow did feel nice on its own. The lumbar support features a 15 cm range. To my surprise, I was able to fit it to my body easily, even though I am not the ideal height. The DXRacer AIR Mesh fit my size pretty well overall, while still supporting my taller co-workers.

Dxracer Air Mesh Gaming Chair Review

I should also mention, though I didn’t test them out, the DXRacer AIR Mesh chair can be upgraded with modular parts and chair covers. Usually, the memory foam headrest would be one of these, but it comes with this model in particular. The other add-ons include a pull-out footrest, cup holder and multi-functional bracket.

The DXRacer didn’t look like the cream of the crop when we first put it together, but it grew on me the more time I spent in it. The plastic felt low-end, but nothing about the materials actually let me down throughout testing. Aside from a few minor discomforts, the overall design of the chair met my expectations, and helped me regulate my temperature at the same time. Though this isn’t the “ultimate gaming chair”, the DXRacer AIR Mesh gaming chair can compete.

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