Razer Iskur Fabric Chair Review

Razer Iskur Fabric Review
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Razer Iskur Fabric
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A slick looking gaming chair is the pièce de résistance to the ultimate gaming setup. Razer is one of the leading names in gaming peripherals, so heading into the chair game just made sense. They did this with the Enki, Iskur, Iskur X and, for the purposes of this review, the Iskur Fabric. I usually prefer a fabric chair over leather for longer gaming sessions, so I was excited about giving the Razer Iskur Fabric a whirl.

The box this thing comes in is massive, I could fit inside the box twice. It was intimidating, to say the least. The good news is, with a little help from my co-worker (only because the chair is NOT small), we were able to put it together in under 15 minutes. I was fully prepared for an afternoon of fighting with nuts and bolts, but the chair went together rather easily, and I was able to dive right into the best part, sitting.

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Okay, that isn’t entirely true. First came the adjustments. Now, the recommended size for the Razer Iskur Fabric is between 5’6” and 6’2” and under 299lbs. I have come to terms with the fact that my 5’1” frame will never properly fit in any gaming chair, ever. Fellow CGM writer Lindsay Traves covered this in detail, including the original Razer Iskur among several other chairs.

I can gladly say that the Razer Iskur Fabric comes closer to properly fitting my body than any other chair, gaming or otherwise, has. The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is a close second because it fits my height, but even with all its adjustments, the Iskur Fabric is far more comfortable, especially after long sitting sessions. The only problem I find with my height and the chair is that the nape of my neck sits significantly below the included memory foam neck cushion, which is removable. Problem solved!

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So, what else can we adjust? The Razer Iskur Fabric has a back that can adjust to 139 degrees, lumbar support, height and what they call 4D armrests. This is one of the few chairs that can sit low enough that I don’t need a footstool at my desk, but can still be raised high enough for people significantly taller than me. The Razer Iskur Fabric’s lumbar support adjustment is…aggressive if you aren’t careful. Make sure to lean into it, or it will launch at you like a jack-in-the-box. Once in place, it feels great, though!

“The Razer Iskur Fabric brings your gaming space to a whole new level of sophistication”

The armrests are strangely impressive. They can be moved up and down, side to side, front to back, and from an angle, side to side. I didn’t think this would matter to me, but it’s been nice to adjust to my desk height. With other chairs, the arms were too low to rest my hands on my desk, or too high that I could not tuck my chair in and save space. With all that room to adjust, I can also confirm that my partner, who is 6’3”, can sit comfortably in the exact same chair, with only a few quick adjustments. It’s very versatile.

Probably the most obvious sell for the Razer Iskur Fabric is how stylish it is. The dark grey material, snakeskin patterned lumbar support, and clean lines mean it will not only finish off your gaming space perfectly, but it could easily fit in at any office, with the “By Gamers, For Gamers” tag hidden under your legs or the desk.

The fabric also feels more luxurious than its PU Leather counterpart. The cloth version is good on cold and hot days, and the subtle snakeskin embroidery is a nice touch on an already great design. Razer has taken an already amazing gaming and improved on it. Soft to the touch, while still feeling durable, the Razer Iskur Fabric is a winner in every metric we use here at CGMagazine.

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The Razer Iskur Fabric brings your gaming space to a whole new level of sophistication and comfort and can fit in just about anywhere. Razer has long been a brand specializing in style, function, and versatility, and they have hit the nail on the head with the Razer Iskur Fabric.

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