Cooler Master MM712 Review

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Cooler Master MM712
Company: Cooler Master
Type: Gaming Mouse
MSRP: $69.99
CGM Editors Choice

Having some heft is generally suitable for console game accessories, such as controllers. The
opposite is true on the PC side of things, specifically when it comes to gaming mice. Enter the
Cooler Master MM712, a holeless, but equally lightweight-feeling gaming mouse.
Weighing in at an impressive 56 grams, the MM712 is a smaller form factor mouse that feels
effortless to use, minus that love-it-or-hate-it distinctive croc-like chassis associated with
traditional lightweight gaming mice.

Instead, the MM712 features an all-matte black (or white) textured finish, which feels grippy and
similar in the hand to something like the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller. In terms of shape,
the MM712 is a smaller mouse with a nice bulbous backing, making it comfortable to grip and
rest your hand on while idle.

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The tapered design makes the Cooler Master MM712 a comfortable mouse to use despite its
smaller size, and when coupled with its matte finish, feels tactile and grippy in hand, perfect for
long gaming or work sessions. In terms of buttons, the Cooler Master MM712 is fairly standard,
with two recessed but angular buttons on the right side of the device, making up the majority of
extra keys, in addition to optical switches for the left and right clicks. The scroll wheel on the
MM712 also feels typical of a mid-level enthusiast mouse, with perhaps a slight lack of
pronounced feedback in its steps, during use.

“The tapered design makes the Cooler Master MM712 a comfortable mouse to use despite its smaller size…”

On the flip side, the Cooler Master MM712 features a small recessed compartment for its
optional 2.4Ghz USB receiver next to a switch to toggle between Bluetooth, dongle and wired
modes. Additionally, the back of the MM712 mouse features your standard DPI switch, which
also changes the LED colour on the front to indicate the sensitivity selected, with seven profiles
available for the user to play to choose from.

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If you’re serious about your online gaming and would instead use a wired connection, the Cooler
Master MM712 ships with a rather nice weaved USB-C cable that feels loose and nimble, like a pair of slack shoelaces, which helps keep things feeling fast and responsive. To increase its
smooth glide further, the MM712 dons PTFE stickers (with additional in the box) of slightly
thicker stock than typical, making for a good and grippy experience on most substrates.

Finally, on the software side of things, the Cooler Master MM712’s app allows adjustments of the
button sensitivity, along with options to change the colour of the front-facing LED found on the
base of the mouse.

For being under $100, the Cooler master MM712 can be considered a budget mouse, but one that ticks off all the right boxes, making it an easy recommendation.

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