DROP Signature Series Keyboard Review

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DROP Signature Series Keyboard
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The number of keyboard variations between switches, sizes, designs, and more is insane. Even more than that, when I started checking out DROP’s custom-designed keyboards, I was overwhelmed with options. Landing on the DROP Signature Series keyboard was just the beginning, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I don’t know when I became a keyboard enthusiast, but here we are, and I’m telling you to RUN to buy the DROP Signature Series Keyboard. If you know me, you know I dread using a tenkeyless keyboard. I knew that going into the review and was prepared to overlook it because it’s simply a preference—how do people live without a num pad?! But after a few weeks with the DROP Signature Series keyboard, well, let’s put it this way, it’s sitting at my other desk right now, and I’m genuinely missing it. 

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Part of the beauty of any DROP keyboard is the customization available. If you scroll through their site, you can see plenty of absolutely gorgeous keyboard builds to choose from, I personally went with the DROP Signature Series Ultrasonic keyboard. They have everything from full-sized keyboards down to tenkeyless and everything in between. For the hardcore tech fans out there, they also sell DIY Keyboard Kits, and you can buy the base, switches and keys separately to make something one-of-a-kind truly.

“Typing on the DROP Signature Series keyboard just feels right.” 

There are standard keys that come in any colour combination imaginable, but I would be letting you all down if I didn’t mention that you can get a full Lord of the Rings keyboard completely in Dwarvish or Elvish, as well as artisan keycaps for the franchise—among many others. There are 24 kinds of switches to choose from, 135 sets of keycaps and over 100 keyboards ready and waiting for you. I realize this isn’t a direct review of my DROP Signature Series keyboard, but the experience behind a DROP keyboard is what makes it so great!

The DROP Signature Series keyboard is built on the black DROP CTRL High-Profile base, with Holy Panda switches, stabilizers with PA12 housings and self-lubricating UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), and topped off with the Drop + MiTo GMK Laser Custom Keycap Set. All of that just to say that the DROP Signature Series Ultrasonic keyboard looks damn good. DROP also prides itself on each keyboard being hand-assembled, so it’s made with love too!

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Typing on the DROP Signature Series keyboard just feels right. The height, texture and clickiness of the keys all pair together for a truly perfect typing experience. The device sits at a perfect angle for typing, where I normally need to boost up competitors. Of course, there is RGB lighting, but it feels minimal and not so in-your-face compared to other gaming brands like ROCCAT or Razer. The DROP Signature Series keyboard is a nice balance of flashy and classy.

Where the DROP Signature Series keyboard will really surprise you, though, is its quality. Anyone I have seen put their hands on this keyboard was shocked at its weight. Seriously, this thing could take someone out in the zombie apocalypse. It is a solid build that will clearly last, and it is impressive, to say the least. 

“Where the DROP Signature Series keyboard will really surprise you, though, is its quality.”

The keyboard comes with a soft carrying case, keycap puller, switch puller and USB A to USB-C cable, and this is the only place DROP appears to have cut costs. While the case is a nice touch, the cable leaves a lot to be desired. Not only is it fairly short for a wired keyboard setup, but it seems like an afterthought when you have other companies going all out with nice, braided cables.

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The other place DROP may surprise you is with its lack of software. I’ll be honest, my PC is riddled with hardware software between ROCCAT, Razer, SteelSeries, NZXT and then some, so no software was a welcome choice for me. That was until I realized I had no idea how to program anything. DROP uses QMK Firmware, meaning if you want to program anything, you need to use their web-based configurator and then compile it into a firmware file. 

There are several more steps after this, and I’ll be completely honest, this was far beyond my skill level and the skill level of most PC users I know. Luckily for me, I didn’t need to reprogram anything or remap anything. What I did need, however, is what DROP calls “The Basics.” I needed my shortcuts. I wanted to play with the RGBs and use the keyboard to control my media. There is a handy cheat sheet on their site, so I was set.

For myself, no software wasn’t an issue, and being able to pull up a webpage when I couldn’t remember a key combination was way easier than opening a program. To some people, though, this won’t be a welcome change. Software is a nice bridge between the programmers and the players, and DROP seems to be for those who take their tech a bit more seriously.

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Now, it comes down to price. The DROP Signature Series Ultrasonic keyboard comes in at $349. Ouch. I will say that is fairly more expensive than other TKL options on the market, like the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro for $159.99 or the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless at $226 on Amazon right now. However, the SteelSeries Apex Pro TLK Wireless is regularly $316 now, so there are definitely other premium prices out there.

With the DROP Signature Series keyboard, its $349 price tag doesn’t bring wireless connectivity, but it brings incredible quality, uniqueness, and care. I can bet most other big brands can’t offer you a fully customized keyboard, hand-built from the ground up. There are definitely cheaper options on the market with simpler software, but the DROP Signature Series keyboard is well worth its price tag—and the Ultrasonic just looks badass.

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