GravaStar Sirius Wireless Earbuds Review

GravaStar Sirius Wireless Earbuds Review 1
GravaStar Sirius Wireless Earbuds Review
GravaStar Sirius Wireless Earbuds
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GravaStar are a newer company who are trying to make a name for themselves making futuristic looking sci-fi themed audio products. Ranging from Bluetooth speakers to earbuds, the products in their lineup have a distinct and unique look. While many products are aimed at gamers, any sci-fi or technology fanatic can appreciate a unique looking piece in their collection. Today we will be checking out the Sirius line of gaming Bluetooth earbuds they offer. Will they be good enough to compete with the other gaming earbud competition on the market?

Immediately upon seeing the packaging for the GravaStar Sirius wireless earbuds, you can tell they are not your average set of professional looking buds. Everything about the Sirius buds screams they are aimed for gamers. When first opening the packaging, you are greeted with the earbuds in their charging case on the left and your paperwork/accessories to the right of them in a neat high quality sliding box.

Gravastar Sirius Wireless Earbuds Review 2

In that box you will find a short USB type A to USB type C cable for charging the earbuds, 3 extra sets of earbud tips ranging in sizes, a chain and rubber attachment to wear the charging case around your neck and finally the short instruction booklet. All can be stored in the futuristic looking plastic case with clear viewing window which clips shut to keep everything secure and in one place, a nice touch that saves on potential waste like conventional boxes and packaging.

The charging case that holds the earbuds looks unlike any other case I have seen from other manufacturers. It is made of a very sturdy and hefty zinc alloy that leaves you feeling assured that your earbuds will be well protected when you carry them in your pocket. The majority of the case is painted in a striking vibrant lime green to teal green gradient GravaStar calls Neon Green. They also come in Space Grey for those who want a more subtle look.

“…you can tell the GravaStar Sirius Wireless are not your average set of earbuds…”

I rather like the splash of colour in the growing market of plain black or white products. The lid, while leaving the earbuds partially exposed to the elements, has small support bars that keep the earbuds in place when not in use and clips shut with a satisfying click. When you are ready to use the buds, a simple press of a button releases the lid with a spring action, opening as if it were an air lock on a piece of space equipment.

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On the front of the case, you will only find a small green led charging status light along with painted on logo. On the bottom, you will find a USB type C port for charging the case along with a reset button. When charging in the case, the earbuds emit an orange light from the touch sensor to show charge status, although I found these to be fairly dim in bright outdoor light. GravaStar is claiming the case should give the earbuds an additional 3-4 charges out of a single charge.

GravaStar has done an excellent job with making the Sirius wireless earbuds minimal while still being loaded with features gamers and music lovers will come to appreciate. They come equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 which made pairing to them as simple as putting the earbuds in your ears and searching for them on your phone. They paired almost instantly to my Samsung phone and the same can be said for my gaming laptop.

GravaStar has provided an additional 3 extra pairs of varying sized rubber ear tips allowing most users to be able to find a size that is comfortable and suits their needs. Each earbud has a control pad on the main surface which can be used to control volume, track selection, pause/play and switching between the 3 listening modes. In my testing, the controls worked on both my phone and laptop seamlessly, although usage may vary device to device.

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One great feature I’ve come to appreciate is the earbuds pausing movies/music when I remove one of them from my ear to have a conversation with someone. Upon reinserting the earbud back into my ear, they will resume playing whatever it was I was listening to. While wearing them out in the rain or in the shower is definitely not recommended, GravaStar has rated the Sirius earbuds at IPX5 meaning, they should be fine with the occasional splash of water.

GravaStar has done a great job of tuning the Sirius wireless earbuds for all use cases. While I am no audiophile by any means, comparing these to my old SkullCandy Indy Evo ANC or AKG tuned earbuds that came with my Samsung Galaxy, GravaStar comes out on top when it comes to sound quality. While listening to music, high and mid tones come out clear and crisp and the bass gives an adequate pound which should please the average user.

While watching movies, the GravaStar Sirius wireless earbuds produced theatre-quality sound and made relaxing nights of watching YouTube an absolute delight. From the quality of dialogue to the various sound effects, the Sirius earbuds kept me wanting to wear them more and more instead of resorting to external or internal speakers with my laptop. I also found playing games much more enjoyable, now that I can tune out sounds from everything but the game, although, it doesn’t necessarily make me a better game player. All of the above is thanks to GravaStar’s 7.2mm Dynamic Driver installed in each earbud paired with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation).

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In my time wearing the earbuds, I have been able to comfortably wear them without even noticing they are in my ears thanks to their very light weight. On average, I have been able to get a fairly respectable 3-5 hours of usage from them. While this is relatively on par with most competing noise cancelling earbuds on the market, I can’t help but wish they lasted just a little longer at times. When I finish my time with them, the case charges the earbuds up for my next use fairly quickly.

With the Sirius Wireless earbuds, GravaStar has done an excellent job at making a high-quality set of earbuds with great features at a very respectable price. While the battery life leaves some room to be improved, I don’t think you could ask for much more for with how much they deliver for the price. If GravaStar can keep making high quality products in the future, I feel they could make a great contender in the gaming accessory market.

If you decide to buy the Sirius Wireless from the GravaStar store, you can use the code CGMAGON to get 20% off your order.

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