Hohem iSteady V2 AI Smartphone Gimbal Review

Hohem iSteady V2 AI Smartphone Gimbal Review 5
Hohem iSteady V2 AI Smartphone Gimbal Review 11
Hohem iSteady V2 Smartphone Gimbal
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Gimbals have become a favourite tool of the trade for content creators. They create a steady picture, give you a great deal of control over your shot and, for the most part, have a stand, making it a small tripod that you can take anywhere. The Chinese gimbal manufacturers, Hohem, bring you the iSteady V2, an AI gimbal that works with you to make the best content possible.

The iSteady V2 features three-axis stabilization, controls on the handle and an AI sensor that can detect your face and movement to follow you as you move about the space. On the device, you’ll find a joystick for motion control of the gimbal, shutter and power/function buttons beneath the joystick and a zoom slider on the side.

On the phone clamp, you’ll find the AI sensor and LED light. On the bottom is a standard thread so the gimbal can be mounted to a tripod or the mount that comes in the box. Also in the box, you will find a carrying bag, USB charging cable and wrist strap.

Hohem Isteady V2 Ai Smartphone Gimbal Review 9

The functionality is simple enough. Press the power button to power up. On the initial start-up, you’ll need to connect the iSteady V2 to the phone via Bluetooth which was done within seconds. You can use the joystick to pan and tilt the camera. The shutter button will activate video or take a picture, zoom with the slider on the side and use the power button to change the orientation of the gimbal between landscape and portrait mode.

“The iSteady V2 features three-axis stabilization, controls on the handle and an AI sensor…”

The AI sensor, when turned on, requires hand gestures to activate. Give the iSteady V2 the “ok” gesture to activate it (you will see the light turn green) and it will then follow you using only hardware. The best part about this sensor is that it doesn’t require you to be connected to any specific app or even your phone for it to work, unlike previous models which utilized software to do this.

Other hand gestures include a palm out gesture that stops the sensor from tracking you, a two thumbs up to orient your camera to landscape mode and putting your thumbs to the side orients the camera to portrait mode.

Hohem Isteady V2 Ai Smartphone Gimbal Review 5

Pressing the same button that activates the AI sensor also activates the LED light surrounding the sensor. It is not a very powerful light. I wouldn’t rely on it if you were trying to make a quality video, but to light your face for something like a video call, the light should be sufficient.

“Pressing the same button that activates the AI sensor also activates the LED light surrounding the sensor.”

The Hohem Pro app helps you make the most of the functionality of the iSteady V2. The home menu features a number of tutorial videos to teach you about your device. The software is also a powerful tool for customizing your gimbal. You can change the motor speed of the pan and tilt, calibrate the gimbal and its AI sensor to make sure you appear perfectly on the camera.

You can activate further hand gestures that will start your video recording, apply camera filters, and create a number of “moments,” which are preprogrammed motions that you can use to some pretty cool creative effect.

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These moments include Inception, a constant rotation of the camera that makes the screen spin upside down, Dolly Zoom, Fantastic Rotation, a rotation that reacts to the rhythm of the music that is playing, Smart Motion Timelapse and panoramic video.

Adjusting the AI sensor view was very necessary during my use of the iSteady V2. In landscape mode, the camera was moved down, cutting me off at the eyes. In Portrait Mode, my face was in the middle of the screen, leaving a lot of head room. The ability to adjust the AI view ensures that you have ideal shot composition and that it stays that way.

Another thing to keep an eye on is how far you move in certain directions. Attempting to move past the gimbal’s threshold for movement. For example, while holding the iSteady V2, tilting the angle too far while attempting to maintain a shot could result in the motor pulling away the gimbal, so keep your movements minimal.

Hohem Isteady V2 Ai Smartphone Gimbal Review 8

While it may not be the top brand name in gimbals on the market, Hohem has created a wonderful, light, compact device with a powerful motor and responsive controls. Add to that its AI capabilities and you have a serious contender on your hands with the iSteady V2. At $129.99 USD, it is a comparable price to its competitors, perhaps more expensive than the average price. That being said, its functionality is worth far more than the meager jump in price.

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