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HyperX Spectre Eyewear
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Thinking beyond just being a gamer or content creator, we are increasingly exposing ourselves to blue light that, when overexposed to it, can cause blurred vision, headaches and eye strain. Also at risk—according to studies—are your melatonin levels. Are you on the computer late? Do you doom scroll on social media while snuggling into bed? Is it affecting your sleep?

Our eyes are telling us to avoid prolonged use of our computer screens, TVs, phones and other devices, but let’s be realistic—that’s not going to happen. What we need is a method to protect our eyes from the strain caused by the blue light and, if at all possible, look good while doing it. Enter the people at HyperX gaming with their Spectre Eyewear.

Hyperx Spectre Eyewear Review

It is worth noting that the model of eyewear that I tested was the HyperX Spectre Mission eyewear. In the box, you’ll find the eyewear and a microfiber bag. Other models, the Spectre React, Stealth and 1st Edition are made from different materials, come with a hard case and a higher price tag. The Spectre Scout eyewear is built for kids and comes in at $39.99 USD.

“The HyperX Spectre Mission model features lightweight frames that are very comfortable and designed to be able to be worn with ease while wearing a headset.”

They are a stylish solution to the blue light and UV exposure. The HyperX Spectre Mission model features lightweight frames that are very comfortable and designed to be able to be worn with ease while wearing a headset. I had no issues wearing my HyperX Spectre Mission glasses with my Arctis Pro Wireless headset on.

Where I did have an issue was with something that HyperX couldn’t control; the size of my head vs. the size of my glasses. I have a larger than average head. When wearing these, I was really putting the concept of ‘one size fits all’ to the test. They were snug, but not so much that they were uncomfortable. I just noticed them on my head more than you might.

Hyperx Spectre Eyewear Review

As far as filtering out the blue light, they did a good job. There is a noticeable change in tint when looking at a white screen, but virtually none when looking at one of the many rendered worlds you may find yourself in when gaming. I found an almost instant change in how my eyes felt while looking at the screen. The strain all but disappeared right away and stayed away even during a lengthy session at the PC.

The $59.99 USD price tag may seem like a lot for someone who doesn’t need glasses, but as someone who owns a pair of prescription glasses with blue light filter added, I can tell you that the cost lines up with what I had to pay to add that on. Between the lenses to protect your eyes and the durable TR-90 frames, you are certainly getting what you pay for.

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