NZXT Function Keyboard Review

NZXT Function Keyboard Review
NZXT N7 B550 Motherboard Review
NZXT Function
Company: NZXT
Type: Keyboard
MSRP: $120
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There is something special about customizing your gaming gear to fit your needs. While the devices you find in-store are great and will work well most of the time, it is not the same feeling as picking the exact parts you love and testing them for the first time. In the past, it has been a relatively frustrating experience to find this level of customization, NZXT has just made things much more streamlined thanks to their NZXT Function keyboards.

NZXT is best known for their cases, PSU’s and motherboards, along with custom-built PC’s. Now the company is branching out, first with their NZXT microphone, and now with their new range of keyboards and the NZXT Lift mouse. Bringing their streamlined ordering experience to the building of bespoke keyboards seemed like a no-brainer, and after testing it, NZXT has nailed it.

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Jumping into the experience, you will be presented with a basic structure, letting you pick everything from the look and style, all the way to the switches the NZXT Function keyboard will use. With three colour options for the keyboard (white, black and grey), you can ensure the keyboard fits the rest of your gear without compromising on the type or style.

“NZXT has nailed the experience of building a bespoke keyboard.”

NZXT has a range of switches to choose from like the typical Brown, Blue and Red. Additionally, you can choose from premium switches that include Silent Black, and Aliaz Silent, giving choices that fit the feel of the mechanical switch you crave, while not forgetting about people that may need things quieter for an office environment.

Beyond this, NZXT gives choices for accent colours for the cable, as well as the keycaps, making the final result something unique to you and to what you demand from a keyboard. The site makes ordering easy, and even has the option to hear the switches you are picking to make sure you get the exact keyboard that fits your needs when all is said and done.

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Even beyond the vast level of customization you get when ordering, the NZXT Function keyboard ships with extra keycaps, along with the tools you need to take things apart, giving you the option to swap out the WASD keys should you need something a bit more textured while gaming. It felt very much like a kit built with the gamer in mind, giving them everything needed to make the keyboard of their dreams.

All this would be for not if the NZXT Function keyboard was not a pleasure to use. Thankfully, this is not the case. The Function keyboard is without question, one of the best keyboards I have ever had. The design, style and level of customization has made this an ideal choice for my daily use. The Gateron Aliaz Silent switches I selected are the ideal choice for my office environment, with the white and black with purple accent design I selected fits in with the CGM offices fantastically well. Even the keyboard layout and size feel perfect for office or gaming use, giving enough feedback for typing while still being comfortable to use over long periods of time.

I even have to commend NZXT for the media and volume dial placement. I have long been a fan of the volume dial, I find it a great analog way to control volume, especially when you are working on other things. The placement NZXT opted for with the Function keyboard just makes sense, especially with a gaming keyboard. If my hands are firmly planned on the WASD keys, it is a minor move to change volume even when gaming. Someone clearly put thought into the placement, and it is appreciated.

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The same left-hand side is also home to the mute, WinKey lock, and a brightness adjustment button. I am a little surprised with the inclusion of the WinKey Lock and Brightness buttons here, honestly. While they are useful, they will be pushed maybe once a week for most. I would have loved to see potentially more playback controls here, but that is a minor gripe when faced with an overall well-designed full package.

“For everyone who was sitting on the fence pining for a custom keyboard of their very own, NZXT has you covered with the NZXT Function keyboard range. “

NZXT has nailed the experience of building a bespoke keyboard. What once was something only very few could ever manage due to cost or knowledge, they have managed to make it easy and fun. With the clean design of the ordering process, to the fact the end result is truly fantastic, the NZXT Function keyboard feels like a homerun in every regard.

For everyone who was sitting on the fence pining for a custom keyboard of their very own, NZXT has you covered with the NZXT Function keyboard range. Starting at $120 for the NZXT Function MiniTKL, or $150 for the full-size option, custom keyboards have never been more affordable while delivering a truly great keyboard experience.


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