Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review 3
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Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse
Company: Razer
Type: Mouse
MSRP: $149.99
CGM Editors Choice
| February 4, 2013

Razer’s latest gaming mouse, the Ouroboros, comes with high-end specs. Boasting an 8200dpi 4G dual sensor ensuring high accuracy and speed, the Ouroboros definitely plays like a top quality mouse. Unfortunately it also comes with a high-end price, going for $149.99 at some retailers.

On the surface the Ouroboros struck me as something that wouldn’t feel comfortable. It’s slightly bigger and heavier than what I’m accustomed to using, but my hand quickly got used to all that, which wasn’t expected. After a few minutes use, the weight became unnoticeable and moved as effortlessly as any other I’ve used.

The look of the Ouroboros is something that may split opinion among users, with its green lights and unique design. It looked more like the Transformer of mice, but the shape and gaps all add to the comfort that’s almost immediately felt when you begin to use it.

All of the Ouroboros’ customizable buttons are easy to reach and hit, with the moveable thumbrest providing surprisingly useful way to have those buttons resting against your thumb at all times. Users are able to change the 8200dpi via two buttons just below the scroll wheel on the mouse, making it simple to change things on the fly. Speaking of the scroll wheel, it hits the sweet spot between hypersensitive and not at all useful. The battery life is a supposed 12-hours of continuous gaming time and the Ouroboros performs to the same high standards whether its charging via USB or being used wirelessly. 

Enough about the all the tech specifications though, the Ouroboros is a gaming mouse and its value lives or dies based on its performance in a gaming setting.

Razer_Ouroboros_News.jpgI don’t have a bad thing to say about the way it felt during play. Playing a variety of different games, the mouse encountered no problems, running perfectly in each scenario. Sudden movements are smooth and responsive, allowing quick and precise selections or decisions to be made. In the time I spent gaming there was no discernible lag between when the movements were made on the Ouroboros and when they were carried out on screen, which is exactly what you’d expect from a mouse of this calibre. Gaming with the Ouroboros is just as comfortable as it is with general use. It’s customizable for use with both left and right handed gamers, and feels suitable for lengthy game sessions. The hand doesn’t cramp with this mouse.

While the quality of the Razer Ouroboros was apparent during my time with it, I didn’t fully realize how good it was until going back to my everyday mouse. The sensitivity was something I missed, the comfort, previously a quality I never thought about, was now something my own mouse clearly lacked. The Ouroboros is a fantastic mouse, there is no dancing around that fact. The only stumbling block is the price. At approximately $149.99 it is a high-end, pricey piece of hardware. Is it worth the price? Kind of. I have no bad things to say about the Ouroboros, but it’s hard to justify the price-tag here. If you are on a budget, look elsewhere. There are certainly models out there that do things the Ouroboros does (perhaps not as much and not as well) that are far more affordable, perhaps the Sensei [RAW]. But if you’re on the market for a high performance gaming mouse, and can spare the change, you won’t be disappointed with the Razer Ouroboros. 

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