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I don’t understand how people can work from their laptops without a mouse. The trackpad is incredibly bad on the ol’ hand joints and a good mouse is the way to go. Even though you might be young you need to think about the long term effects of using a mouse all day. You don’t want to end up with tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

I’ve used my fair share of mice over the years but the extra money for a high-end ergonomic mouse is worth every penny, especially as I’m what you’d call a Power User. The all new Razer Pro Click is well worth the investment and gives Logitech a run for their money.

When asked to review this item my first question was does this thing have RBG lights? If it did, I don’t want it. When I Think Razer I usually think of flashing gamer lights. But this slick professional looking white and grey mouse is a nice addition to my desk and setup.

Razer Pro Click Mouse Review
Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse

The Razer Pro Click is the first of Razer’s new productivity peripherals line, and was born out of Razer’s Basilisk shooter mouse design. They’ve removed the RGB lights and made a much more mature product that will look good in an office setting.

I’m happy to report that the Razer Pro Click is a fantastic wireless mouse made for productivity in mind. This is a great mouse for day to day work like writing this very article. It has a sturdy build quality, a really comfortable ergonomic 30-degree angled shape and the buttons are clicky and pleasent.

The Pro Click has wireless, wired, and Bluetooth support so you never have to worry about letting you down. I found battery life very good getting up to a whopping 400 hours on Bluetooth on a single charge. On 2.4GHZ you can get up to 200 hours. Removing those awful RGB lights has benefits. It also has the ability to sync up to four different devices for increased productivity. With a switch of a button on the bottom you can change where the mouse appears.

The Pro Click is a right-handed, eight button mouse. I often wonder when us lefties will get some love, but I’ve just learned to adapt to using a right mouse. It measures in at 5.06 by 3.13 by 1.88 inches (LWH) and weighs 3.67 ounces. It fits in my palms very nicely and I like the weight of it. Gamers might find it a bit heavy for their liking but this isn’t really a gaming mouse despite the brand name.

Comfortability is the most important part for me and I can confirm this is a very comfortable mouse. My hand naturally curves over the mouse, leaving it far less cramped at the end of the day when compared to a regular cheap mouse. Razer had consulted with ergonomic design consultant Humanscale when building this mouse and it seemed to be a great decision. My hands thank me.

Razer Pro Click Mouse Review
Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse

The Pro Click has six inputs on the top: Left click, right click, cursor speed or DPI preset cycle button in the center, below the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is a nice metal with a textured scrolling surface and has three inputs: Your typical click, and the ability to tilt the wheel left and right. The scroll wheel can reach cursor movements of 100HZ. Every input is customizable so you can the left tilt scroll up or down as you please. On the side you have two small back and forward buttons.

On the bottom of the mouse you will find a switch to toggle Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless, as well as a small removable panel you can store the mouse’s USB wireless receiver. There is no built-in dongle storage however.

Underneath the gorgeous mouse is its optical sensor, the Razer 5G Advanced, that can track up to 16,000 dots per inch (DPI). That is probably more than you’ll ever need even if you’re using multiple top of the line 4K monitors.

My one pet peeve with the mouse is don’t lose or throw away the wireless micro USB that comes with the device. It is the only USB wire I have that would actually fit in the mouse. For some reason Razer has made the width of the charging port incredibly small so most fatter USB plugs won’t work.

Razer Pro Click Mouse Review
Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse

Unfortunately there is no software support for macOS at this time. I’ve been using the Pro Click for about a month now on my MacBook Pro and found no problems but if I want to customize any of the features I’d need to switch to my PC.

Alongside the Pro Click I also used the Razer Pro Glide which is a non-slip mousepad that mirrors the colours of the mouse. It’s nice and does its job and good for those looking to have minimal colours on their desk. It’s said to have textured micro-weave cloth surface, for more quick accurate mouse movements, but I found no difference when switching it with other mouse pads. It feels like a lot of marketing jargon for a simple clean mouse pad.

Overall this is a great mouse for office power users. If you find yourself at your desk for long hours every day this is a worthy investment. Don’t let the higher price point scare you off, this is a long term investment that will keep your hands happy for years too come.

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