ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review

ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review
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ROG Chakram X
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Slender, lightweight form factor mice tend to be the most popular option when it comes to computer gaming mice. However, larger mice often include a broader, more robust feature set, along with better ergonomics and comfort in mind.

The ROG Chakram X mouse does all of that and then some while still managing to be a relatively compact device compared to other feature-rich alternatives. Before delving into some of the more nuanced features of the ROG Chakram X, the standout feature of the ROG’s latest mouse without question is its response rate and feel. Although a higher DPI doesn’t necessarily equate to better performance, with the ROG Chakram X mouse sporting up to 3,200 DPI sensitivity, players looking for ultra-sensitivity while gaming will be hard-pressed to find a better option for their sessions.

Rog Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review 2

If it weren’t for the original ROG Chakram mouse from a few years ago, the addition of the Chakram X’s joystick would take the cake when it comes to a unique feature found on a gaming mouse. Like its previous incarnation, the ROG Chakram X mouse features an adjustable analogue stick on the left of the device, just above the thumb rest. In terms of feel, the stick is reminiscent of the flush-style flat stick found on the Nintendo 3DS range of handhelds.

The analogue stick can be configured in either digital or analogue mode, mimicking that of an Xbox-style or x-input controller (Steam only). At first, I did not see the utility of having controller-style stick on a mouse, but after using it for a while and playing Doom Eternal, I can say that, although not for everyone, the Chakram X’s analogue stick can be a great addition for those with limited movement in both hands.

I successfully completed a level in Doom Eternal only using the mouse for movement. An awkward experience to be sure, but something that I could see myself getting used to after prolonged use. This might not mean a whole lot, however, if you have limited movement or use of only one hand, the ROG Chakram X mouse may just be the best mouse out there for you.

On a more practical note, the analogue stick on the ROG Chakram X mouse can be configured via software to do a whole host of functions, giving those who play intensive titles a means to map abilites or secondary actions in an easy and efficient manner. Speaking of software, the ROG Chakram X mouse uses the ASUS ROG Armoury Crate application, an all-in-one program that I already happened to have installed onto my desktop as my computer uses a ROG-branded motherboard. The approach to a single application is a nice touch from ROG that keeps the clutter of dedicated apps at a minimum.

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Aside from the stick and the left and right click, the ROG Chakram X Wireless mouse features 4 additional buttons that bring the total number up to 11, putting it in class with other quality gaming mice. With its larger form factor, holding the Chakram X feels somewhere between something like the Logitech MX series and a typical high-end gaming alternative. I personally found the ROG Chakram X mouse to be the perfect balance between fast and comfortable.

Tri-connectivity, a feature that should be standard on higher-end mice, allows the ROG Chakram X Wireless mouse to easily switch between devices via wireless dongle, Bluetooth, and a wired connection. I tend to switch between computers, phones, and tablets, fairly often and being able to use the Chakram X between them is a great bonus.

“I personally found the ROG Chakram X mouse to be the perfect balance between fast and comfortable.”

ROG really went all out when it comes to customizability and flexibility of the Chakram X mouse. Included in the box, users will find two additional microswitches, with an additional two already pre-installed inside the mouse. Thanks to easy to remove magnetic backings, the Chakram X pops open effortlessly, allowing users to swap the left and right switches in a manner similar to that of a mechanical keyboard. The bonus switches are something more manufacturers should consider adding in the box as it not only increases the longevity of the mouse but gives the user the option to change the feel and click of the mouse as well.

Rog Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review

Finally, a small touch, but my favourite feature of the Chakram X mouse is the inclusion of a 3 centimetre or so opaque disc. The disc acts as a light softener and diffuser, allowing the user to create custom logos or graphics that replace the pre-installed ROG logo that rests on the base of the mouse. Instructions on how to actually create a logo or graphic for the disc would be welcome, but after some trial and error, I found using a small piece of vinyl sticker that I cut from a transparent PNG file yielded the best results.

Ultimately, the ROG Chakram X is a densely packed piece of kit that does everything it needs to, while offering some unique and truly innovate features that elevate above the competition.

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