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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker
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I didn’t know the Tronsmart name before, but now they have my attention. The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker offers everything I need. I always crave portable speakers that can handle both vocal clarity and deep bass. Sometimes I’m in the mood for jazz, and sometimes I’m in the mood for some trap music. With this speaker, both genres of music were easily enjoyed.

The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker contains two unique features I was impressed with when reading and hearing it: Soundpulse and TuneConn Technology. Soundpulse is an awesome setting in the Tronsmart App, which balances the audio levels, delivering a great balance of bass and vocals. I would never have expected this speaker to do that! The TuneConn Technology is a feature that supposedly allows up to 100 of the Studio Speakers to synchronize together through Bluetooth. Essentially, the more, the merrier.

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I wasn’t able to test out the TuneConn Technology, but I can assure you, the Soundpulse Technology is amazing for the price point. It only costs about $70 USD, in comparison to more well-known brands like JBL, which would cost above $100 for a studio speaker.

The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker is a great alternative to well-known brands as it delivers quality and doesn’t break the bank. The aluminum-based material the speaker is primarily made of feels strong and carries a decent amount of weight (approximately 2 lbs). It’s great for a studio speaker because its weight plus the rubber grip on the bottom prevents it from slipping off most surfaces. But it is a little heavy if it’s used on-the-go.

“The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker is a great alternative to well-known brands as it delivers quality and doesn’t break the bank.”

The Tronsmart App is very user-friendly and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. A lot of the feedback about the app, specifically from the Google Play Store, have a lot of issues with the app, but I can say that it was quick and easy. Could it use more features? Yes. Does the app enhance the speaker quality? Hell yeah!

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The main critique I would have about the equalizer in the app is how much of a difference the Soundpulse setting enhances the audio quality. This isn’t much of a critique, but more so that the other settings like “Deep Bass” and “Classical” don’t do much to change the audio settings other than lower the volume of my songs.

I also feel like there could be a cool, personal setting for me to name my speaker, and it will save the sound setting to the Soundpulse on every time it connects to my phone. This may be too much of a luxurious ask, but a guy can dream of owning an army of speakers with personalized names as they blast some 21 Savage or Paramore tunes.

“The great part of the Soundpulse setting is that it increases the volume of the songs without dropping its quality…”

Another great feature behind the Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker is its ability to keep the party going for up to 15 hours. I brought it to work for one 5-hour shift and another 6-hour shift on back-to-back days. After all that time, it still kept running. The speaker offers USB-C quick charging, but it still has a 3.5-hour charge time, so if you forget to charge it before you need to use it, it’ll take a while before you’re playing some background jazz tracks.

The great part of the Soundpulse setting is that it increases the volume of the songs without dropping its quality, so going above the 50 percent mark in volume was rare for me to use. But of course, the hidden devil’s advocate in me wanted to see how this speaker would perform at 100 percent volume.

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker Review 3

If you need a speaker to play music for some ambiance, or you’re throwing a medium-sized indoor party, this thing will deliver. It might be possible to throw a rager party if you use the TuneConn Tech and sync a few more Tronsmart Studio speakers together, but you didn’t hear that advice from me.

In terms of using this speaker with Siri or Google Assistant, it picked up what I was saying about the same as if I asked my phone. I’m not one to leave a device on all-day and then stop multiple times and ask the device a question or two, but I did go down the rabbit hole and asked the Google Assistant many questions when I had the speakers on.

If you’re wondering whether the voice will be loud enough for you, it’s definitely loud enough to hear as you’re in the middle of a baking recipe and the mixer is turning some good old cake batter. A good cake requires a good recipe, the right ingredients and equipment, and awesome music, no judging here!


One other thing I wanted to try with the Tronsmart Studio Speaker was to see how it would hold up in bed. Nope, get your mind out of the gutter, (but I mean to each, their own, again, no judging here)! I’m talking about those of us who watch movies or TV shows in bed before our eyes tell us to lay down—or you drop your phone on your face! I was watching some of the latest episodes of My Hero Academia and Good Girls.

For My Hero Academia, the Soundpulse setting was amazing, adding a lot of clear sounds to cities being destroyed and hearing the bass and heaviness of every punch was awesome.  As for Good Girls, the dialogues were pristine and the moments with music in the inaudible montages of the moms’ schemes were also very vibrant. It was no surround sound experience, but it definitely elevated the watching experience compared to using my phone’s built-in speakers.

Overall, the Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker offers a fun, entertaining experience indoors and in a small outdoor gathering. I think I will have to pick up another one of these to begin my little army.

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