Studio 666 (2022) Review

Studio 666 (2022) Review
Studio 666 (2022) Review 3
Studio 666 (2022)

Studio 666 is the kind of bad horror movie I live for. With the band the Foo Fighters at the core of the experience, and a healthy dose of cameos and practical effects, there is a lot to enjoy in this ridiculous horror comedy. It is not without its many flaws, but if you go in expecting a B-movie horror journey into madness, you will not be disappointed.

First and foremost, Studio 666 was made for Foo Fighters fans, with frontman Dave Grohl having a story credit (Jeff Buhler and Rebecca Hughes are the screenwriters). There are a lot of inside jokes related to the band, along with Grohl’s apparent love of classic horror cinema. There are references galore in the movie, with nods to The Exorcist, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and The Evil Dead with it even striking a great level of comedy, silliness and pure gore to make most horror fans very happy. If that were not enough, horror legend John Carpenter makes an appearance in the film as a sound engineer, but also lends his musical talents to the opening credits theme.

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Studio 666

The story of Studio 666 follows the Foo Fighters as they work to record their 10th studio album. With the creative juices running dry, Grohl and company arrange to use an old mansion to record the new record. With the full band in tow (Taylor Hawkins, Rami Jaffee, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear, and Nate Mendel), they all move into the Encino based mansion and work to take full advantage of the acoustics the demonic dwelling provides.

“Directed by BJ McDonnell, Studio 666 is a nod to the horror movie schlock we all know and love.”

It is quickly apparent things are not right, with word that the ‘90s band that stayed there were brutally murdered, leading to questions about how safe the house really is. As things go from spooky to possessed. Grohl starts acting very strange with odd demands of the band, and a schedule that pushes everyone to their limit, including the need to all learn how to play the “L sharp” riff that is haunting his every waking moment. As the record nears completion, things get more strange, and far more deadly. 

Directed by BJ McDonnell, Studio 666 is a nod to the horror movie schlock we all know and love. This is a film that never takes itself seriously, and plays into the fact that most of the band can not act. They use the bad acting, cheesy effects and nonsensical story to full effect, pouring on the blood and gore to make this a comedic horror adventure more inline with a bloody Saturday morning cartoon than any of the current slate of horror flicks.

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Studio 666

Studio 666 plays to its comedic side perfectly, with performances by Will Forte and Whitney Cummings, and a fun cameo from Lionel Richie. Even though this is not a “good” movie, it is some of the most fun I have had in a long while. Dave Grohl brings a presence to the screen, and that combined with the real comradery of the band make it a joy to watch even when much of the things being said are truly ridiculous. 

Studio 666 delivers a horror comedy that never takes itself too seriously. It is 108 minutes of blood, bad jokes, and fun gags, and it all works for some unknown reason. This is a movie where you need to check the critical side of your brain at the door and just be entertained, and it does that well. Grohl is a great screen presence, and he makes what could have been a complete disaster into a must-watch gem. If you find it on VOD or just want a wild gore filled ride, go check out Studio 666. It is the perfect level of bad to keep things fun. 

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