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James Bond 007 #1 (Comic) Review 4

James Bond 007 #1 (Comic) Review

It’s easy to wonder what direction James Bond is headed in. As a character, Bond was reinvented nine years ago in Casino Royale as a

Spectre (Movie) Review 4

Spectre (Movie) Review

Well, James Bond is back. You know, just like he has been every few years since the 60s.

The November Man Movie Review 2

The November Man Movie Review

It’s gotta be tough to be a former James Bond. Playing Bond? That’s a dream job involving international celebrity, the most expensive cars, a wardrobe

Blood Stone 007 (XBOX 360) Review 1

Blood Stone 007 (XBOX 360) Review

Stylish, clever and efficient; James Bond is all things his most recent video game is not. Blood Stone 007 is the first non-movie Bond game

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