James Bond Producer Does Not Want An Actor Under 30 To Portray The Character

James Bond Producer Does Not Want An Actor Below 30 To Portray His Character

Apparently, the James Bond storyline just won’t fit someone in their 20s, according to producer.

The producer of the James Bond films has announced that they are looking for an actor who’s around 30 years old to play the next 007. This, in theory, actually makes sense as James Bond himself has some experience under his belt that definitely wouldn’t match up to someone in their 20s.

The actual age of James Bond is not mentioned often. In fact, in all the media he has been portrayed in, we truly only hear about his age directly once, which obviously leads fans to calculate with context clues or dialogue to theorize what age he may be. 

Though you can search for James Bond’s age online and get quite solid answers one way or another, none of them are below the age of 30, which I suppose is the reason Michael G. Wilson stated that a young actor simply would not fit this role.

If you’re even more curious to figure out the behind the scenes of the James Bond films, a documentary is rapidly approaching! This movie is set to release on October 5, 2022! The sooner it gets, the more fans are pumped to uncover behind the scenes of this adored franchise and its music.

James Bond Producer Does Not Want An Actor Below 30 To Portray His Character 2

On the IMDb page about the upcoming documentary “The Sound of 007” describes it as “The remarkable history of six decades of James Bond music, going behind the lens into one of the greatest movie franchises and the iconic 007 theme song.”

A notable mention is that the much adored member of one of the biggest bands in history, The BeatlesPaul McCartney, is making his appearance in the movie as well.

The first slice of the James Bond story depicted on film was released in 1962, so the exciting look into its musical background is well overdue. It is pretty awesome that this story is so large that we’re still seeing more additions to it today. After all, 1962 was insanely different to how we live today, a story that can hold up through 60 years is definitely a behind the scenes I want to hear about.

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