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Konami Shuts Down Silent Hill Revival Rumors 2

Konami Shuts Down Silent Hill Revival Rumors

 |  Madeline Ricchiuto
For the last several months rumors have been circulating that Konami was looking to revive the Silent Hill franchise. Some of these rumors even indicated that the publisher already had two games in development. While rumors of long-dead franchise revivals are pretty common in the gaming industry, false reports and accurate leaks happen to be […]
Silent Hills Spirtual Succesor Allison Road Has Been Revived

Silent Hills Spirtual Succesor Allison Road Has Been Revived

 |  Kenneth Shepard
After being cancelled just over two months ago, Allison Road, the P.T. spiritual successor from Lilith Ltd. has resumed development. Ex-Lilith developer Christian Kesler announced this through a statement issued to IGN, where he confirmed that he would be working on the game under a new label co-founded by his wife and business partner: Far […]
Alison Road Cancelled

Allison Road Cancelled

 |  Cody Orme
Fans first got a taste for a different style of survival horror when Konami released its Silent Hills demo P.T. It sparked a renewed interest in the genre until the Japanese publisher cancelled the project. Still, fans looked forward to its spiritual successor Allison Road. Unfortunately on June 4, 2016, British developer Lilith, Ltd. announced […]
Fans Find Way To Re-Download P.t.​ - 2015-12-16 10:09:57

Fans Find Way To Re-Download P.T.​

 |  Brendan Frye
As many of you may know P.T. was a game released on PSN as a teaser for the new Silent Hill installment that Kojima and Del toro were working on. Due to some internal issues at Konami, the game was canceled and P.T. was taken down from PSN. If you somehow deleted your game, there […]
P.t. Brings Value To Short Horror 1

P.T. Brings Value to Short Horror

 |  Reid McCarter
P.T. is probably my favourite horror game despite it being the one I’ve spent the least amount of time playing.
Horror Master Junji Ito Was Involved With Silent Hills - 2015-09-28 14:07:26

Horror Master Junji Ito was Involved with Silent Hills

 |  Melanie Emile
When P.T. hit PlayStation 4 in August of 2014, it took the gaming community by storm.
Konami Apologizes To Fans 1

Konami Apologizes to Fans

 |  Sabrina Biot
Konami has apologized for causing their fans stress and for their business practices in a statement to Polygon.
Silent Hills: Cancellation And The Franchise’s Future

Silent Hills: Cancellation and the Franchise’s Future

 |  David Jagneaux
I have no hesitations when I say that P.T. is the best horror game I have ever played. What makes that phrase so surprising, even to me, is that it isn’t even really a game. It’s just a teaser that lasts maybe two or three hours, if you get stuck (which you likely will), but […]
Lets Play: P.t.


 |  Brendan Frye
With the cancellation of P.T., Drekken AND Tim review the demo once more.
Game Of The Year: Reid'S Selection - 2015-02-01 11:51:33

Game of the Year: Reid’s Selection

 |  Wayne Santos
Wayne looks at the top selections for game of the year from the editors at CGMagazine. This week Wayne explores Reid’s selection with the P.T. Demo (AKA Silent Hills Teaser).

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