Playdead Studios Teases New Title

Helena ShlapakJan 20, 2017
Playdead Studios Teases New Title

Fans of 2D horror-platformer games get hyped. Danish independent video game developer, Playdead ApS (the company behind Limbo and Inside) is teasing their third game on the company’s Twitter.

Playdead ApS took to Twitter on Jan. 20, 2017 to thank their fans for the warm reception of Inside and had previously posted concept art images for the game in December. In the same post, the indie-developer said that Playdead founder, Arnt Jensen, and the team had been working on their next adventure and accompanied said post with concept art. The picture appears to be of someone dragging their parachute up a snowy mountain and based on the helmet of the person, it looks like Playdead’s next game will be set in space or at least have some space-like themes.

Both of the company’s previous games, Limbo and Inside, received critical acclaim and financial success for their atmospheric and creepy stories and their gorgeous visuals. Inside even received six nominations for the Game Developer’s Choice awards including Best Design, Best Narrative and Game of the Year, making it the most nominated game in the show. If Playdead’s previous games are any indication, then the developer’s next game should be just as great, especially if they are taking this adventure to the stars.

Fans waited six long years in between Limbo and Inside’s release so it’s fantastic that the developer is releasing an image so soon, indicating that their newest game didn’t just start development. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait nearly as long for the newest game but in the meantime, fans should watch for Playdead to sweep the awards. This will be Playdead’s first game since the departure of co-founder Dino Patti. Be on the lookout for updates on the developer’s newest, untitled game (despite Playdead being tight-lipped on their projects).