CGM Recommends: Best Back-to-School Tech 2022

CGM Recommends: Best Back-to-School Tech 2022 12

It’s finally back-to-school time again, and for such an occasion CGMagazine has recommendations for the best back-to-school tech of 2022.

Whether student, parent, teacher or even principal, everyone could use a guiding hand on what to look out for regarding the back-to-school season. Whether starting junior high, or prepping for a strenuous law class, everyone utilizes technology and this year is no different.

CGMagazine is no stranger to the best tech around. We have done our homework, so readers can focus on theirs, as it’s finally back-to-school time again. ]For such an occasion CGMagazine has recommendations for the best back-to-school tech of 2022.

ROG Strix Arion M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 18

For those looking to bring their SSD back-to-school with them, or just generally lug it around while not having to worry about it falling apart, this hefty 100 gram enclosure ensures that not only will the memory remain, it will remain safe and cooled with the signature ROG technology. The thermal pads included excel at stripping M2 drives of heat, while remaining stylish with added RGB lighting. Protect your memory, helmetless, for back-to-school.

Enclose yourself now on Amazon for $53.99.

Kensington Smartview Organizing Laptop Riser

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 17

A red dot 2022 winner, the Smartview Riser includes a handy hook on the rear of the stand to keep trusty headsets out of harm’s way while they’re not in use. Placing a Microsoft Surface is made far more simple, due to the risers’ non-slip padding, and adjustable height to meet eye level for all users. The Smartview is only certified for Surface laptops, so if a student with a Surface Laptop needs a riser for back-to-school, this is a safe bet.

Get one for $89.99 from Kensington.


Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 16

The company that takes the ‘racer’ out of gaming chairs is back at it again with a comfortable minimalist design, but brings great comfort to users. With reclining support, ergonomic features and adjustable head and neck support, MAVIX literally has consumers’ back with comfort and style. The breathable material allows for death march style sessions, especially important for back-to-school sessions.

Get a trusty M4 for $444.44.

Razer Deathadder V3 Pro Mouse

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

Wires are messy, but luckily there are wireless options, even for computer mice, with the Deathadder V3 Pro from Razer, allowing a sharp edge with no bulky wiring. Our Deathadder V3 Pro review states “With the Deathadder V3 Pro, Razer has improved on an iconic design and released one of the best professional level gaming mice you can currently buy,” making this a mouse to hunt in the back-to-school season.

Get one on Amazon for $189.99.

Razer Kiyo Pro

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022

Another sharp peripheral from Razer, is the Kiyo Pro web camera. This bad boy is not only good for streaming, it can video chat on the now popular Zoom platform for students going back-to-school in hybrid in-person/online classes. CGMagazine’s Kiyo Pro review says “The Kiyo Pro shines in the modern work environment, offering a robust camera with style and all the features anyone broadcasting to work,or the world could ask for,” while also not being too harsh with a light that storms into the users’ eyes.

Grab one on Amazon for $168.95.

Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Keyboard

Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro Keyboard Review 5

The newest wireless-capable keyboard from Razer is the now tactile switch-bearing Deathstalker V2 Pro. Our Deathstalker V2 Pro review states “The DeathStalker V2 line is meant to be Razer’s new line of ultra-slim optical keyboards. From my personal experience with the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard, I never felt a single discomforting moment from this highly ergonomic design,” regarding the new construction of the sharper keyboard. A solid wireless choice when going back-to-school, or gaming on the weekends.

Go wireless for $329.99.

ViewSonic VX1755 Portable Gaming Monitor

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 24

ViewSonic has packed a lot of value into this gaming-focused 17-inch external display. For $299 USD you get a large, 17.2-inch IPS panel that looks fantastic for gaming and media, that somehow managed to support AMD FreeSync and support for up to 144 Hz refresh rates. Few external displays offer this level of value, with the next closest competitor costing almost $200 for a similar feature set. 

The ViewSonic VX1755 is another great offering from a brand that is known for their full-featured, and well-priced monitors. Beyond a few gripes related to the OSD, and potentially not having as vivid colours as other, more expensive monitors, the ViewSonic VX1755 with its included carrying case checked all the boxes to make it an easy recommendation. For gamers looking for an external monitor to take on the go, it is hard to beat the ViewSonic VX1755.

Buy on Amazon for $299 USD.

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

Arriving with yet another PC related peripheral featuring the signature Razer design is the Goliathus Chroma mouse pad, with RGB, and three size choices for adaptability for all users. The soft pad can be used in even the darkest of settings with RGB lighting, and has functionality with Razer Synapse 3. Go back-to-school with a mouse pad, in Goliathus style.

Get your mouse a new Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad for $79.99.

Or upgrade to the Razer Strider Chroma mouse pad for $169.99.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard

Steelseries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review 6

If you like a smaller designed keyboard, maybe the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini keyboard is your speed. Not only does it come with tactical switch options, it gives a travelling mouse more real estate to run circles around any page. Our review says “The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Gaming Keyboard provided high-class keycaps and switches on top of many of the common features typically found in mechanical keyboards of this quality.” Back-to-school tech has never looked better. Oh, and it comes as wireless and wired, at the user’s discretion of course.

Get the Apex on Amazon for $239.99.

Seagate One Touch SSD

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 14

The One Touch SSD from Seagate is a worthy choice for anyone seeking a smaller and lighter option outside the massive FireCuda hub for an on-the-go back-to-school tech necessity. With a speed of up to 1030 MB/s to transfer large files, One Touch is truly not just a name. The SSD comes in three sizes up to a massive 2 TB storage option for One Touch to be a buy-once item. USB-C is also the new flavour in electronic ports, this SSD being compatible with it is a massive plus.

Get more personal space starting at $104.99 from Amazon.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 22

One of the greatest subscriptions in gaming is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The subscription gives Xbox console owners, or PC owners access to over 100 titles, including award-winning games like Hollow Knight, or brand new first-party Microsoft titles such as Forza Horizon 5. With new offerings being added every month, Game Pass may be a must-buy to save on entertainment when going back-to-school.

A new membership for the first month is a meagre $1 over on the Xbox website.

Xbox Series S Console

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 22

Following the last item on this list, the perfect console for back-to-school with incredible saving opportunity is the Xbox Series S. The Series S is the smallest Xbox in existence so students entering a new dorm for the school year don’t need to worry about taking up a large amount of real estate in a smaller apartment. With Xbox Game Pass and the Series S console, this is the easiest way to enter the new console generation without breaking the bank.

Get the Series from Amazon at $379.96.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 13

A laptop that is ready to go for the aforementioned Smartview Riser, the Surface Laptop Go 2 is a perfect option for students looking for a budgetary option without forgoing the Windows 11 OS. Not only is this laptop VERY light, it has a more compact 12.4″ screen, and has an over 13-hour battery life to increase productivity without looking for an outlet. A solid option for college students paying their way back-to-school.

Get one and go from Amazon starting at a reduced $799.99.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Smartphone

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

A good choice in back-to-school tech is a smartphone. This one from Samsung is the S22+ model. This mid-tier smartphone packs a mighty punch when you just need something that gets the user from point A to point B. Our S22+ review states “Improvements that were made to the device were done so without bringing overwhelming changes that could scare off a regular Samsung user. The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is the perfect combination of hardware and features for this tier of the Samsung Galaxy line.”

Get yours from Amazon starting at 1,109.99.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 Laptop

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 19

Another light laptop option that is perfect for back-to-school tech and travel, is the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, which doubles as a tablet and even comes with an S Pen, so students can handwrite their notes. Our Book2 Pro 360 review says “Samsung has put together quite a great laptop for the office worker who is always on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 can easily tackle the average daily workload and still have juice for the train ride home,” making it the perfect accompaniment for school outings.

Get one for yourself from Samsung starting at $899.99.

OnePlus Nord Buds

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

Possibly the best back-to-school tech deal and bang for a student’s buck are the OnePlus Nord Buds. These are fully wireless earbuds with USB Type C charging, a worthy battery life, and when accompanying a OnePlus device, have even more usability. Our review of the Nord Buds says “The OnePlus Nord Buds come in a neat package, with many features that far more pricey earbuds have but at a fraction of the cost. The sound quality is dynamic, with high notes striking the top of the scale with clarity, and the low notes causing deep rumbling tremors in accordance with proper settings.”

Get some buds from Amazon for $67.30.

Monolith M1000ANC Wireless Headphones

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

The Monolith M1000ANC headphones are the outside noise killers a studious type could utilize to simply block out distractions during study sessions, a great back-to-school tech device. Our review states, “The Monolith M1000ANC promises up to 35 dB of noise reduction, and the functionality sweeps noise pollution under the rug with ease,” with the capability to stop noise-cancelling by holding your right hand over the earmuff, to hear conversations without adjusting the settings. With a battery that just doesn’t quit, the M1000ANC could be a proper choice.

Stop distractions and grab yours on Amazon for $142.93.

Cooler Master CK721 Mini Keyboard

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

The CK721 from Cooler Master is a solid entry for mini keyboards and mechanical ones, considering the included wrist rest for fatigue deterring, the affordability, and the backlight allowing a back-to-school student to type up a late night project without disturbing potential roommates. Our review says “The Cooler Master CK721 Gaming Keyboard was a great entry point as a first-time mechanical keyboard user. The simplicity but attention to what makes a mechanical board great was carefully thought out with an extra sprinkle of ergonomics in mind.”

Get it from Amazon for $93.59.

ARRIS Surfboard W6U Wi-Fi 6E Network Upgrade Adapter

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

A product good for any service provider, the ARRIS Surfboard can expand any household’s internet connection into something far more reliable. Zoom has taken over the classroom for the past couple of years, and the best way to assure the internet stays up to par is to upgrade it. The ARRIS is an easy Wi-Fi 6E upgrade for any provider, with a simple setup for back-to-school internet reliability.

Expand the network from Amazon for $189.99.

The Logitech Aurora Collection

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

There’s something satisfying about having all of your computer peripherals match with one another, and Logitech has introduced its solid Aurora Collection in time for back-to-school for students to fully outfit their PCs with a complete set. The collection features an RGB-enabled G735 headset, a G705 wireless mouse, and a wired/wireless TKL keyboard in model numbers G713/G715. All of these clean peripherals come in the stylish light aurora colourway, and even includes a carrying case for the headset and mouse to boot.

Shop the collection, and bundle deals from Logitech.

Monoprice DT-3BT 50-Watt Desktop Bluetooth Speakers

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022

Monoprice is audio’s best kept secret with their focus primarily on quality of sound, and ability for their peripherals to look good while doing it. These Bluetooth speakers are equipped with 40-watts of class AB amplification that commands the subwoofers to deliver the quality Monoprice is known for. If a household is in need for a pair of solid speakers for the back-to-school season, these could be the way to go, considering they’re also equipped with a 3.5mm jack to help with adaptability to phones, or a more direct way for connection.

Get a pair for $128.67 on Amazon.

HUAWEI MateView Monitor

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

For those seeking a new monitor for the new back-to-school season, you may not need to look further than the MateView from HUAWEI. Our review says “The HUAWEI MateView doesn’t just look and function like a professional monitor, it makes you feel like a professional. It’s a monitor that is so much larger than its specs suggest and, as a content creator myself, it has opened up my world in terms of productivity.”

Monitor your work for $748.99 on Amazon.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

For a pair of higher-end, completely wireless, ANC earbuds consumers could look to HUAWEI for the answer with the FreeBuds Pro 2, as they deliver a stylish option for back-to-school travelling. Our review says “With fantastic audio, and a great look, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 are a breath of fresh air for people that want their music on the go. These headphones are comfortable, have some of the best ANC I have seen on earbuds.”

Get your buds for $268.99 from Amazon.

OneOdio Monitor 80 Open Back Headphones

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

The OneOdio Monitor series of headphones is known for delivering stellar sound through reliable 40mm drivers, as a wired option for those more comfortable with directly connecting their audio devices to their PCs or other peripherals. Soft velour earpads give the user ultimate comfort for long sessions in the lab or writing room, during a death march all-nighter for the back-to-school season.

Upgrade your headphones on Amazon for $110.99.

OnePlus 10T Smartphone

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

For a smartphone that brings performance to ultra fast charging, the OnePlus 10T smartphone has everything an aspiring student can possibly need for back-to-school needs. Our review states “Delivering on both performance and price, the OnePlus 10T is a slam dunk offering that shows OnePlus is listening to its fans and improving where it matters most.” Utilizing the higher end camera without having to pay for the top of the end smartphone can help video record hard to memorize lessons in a flash.

Get the OnePlus 10T for $849.00 directly from OnePlus.

Kovol Sprint 140W PD 2-Port GaN Wall Charger

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

Everyone could use a fast charge when going back-to-school, and the Kovol 140W GaN can potentially elevate your power output in a pinch. The 140W output is better than most fast charging bases that come with smartphones, and this GaN has USB-c and USB 2.0 capabilities to supercharge almost any device at any time, of course a usable outlet isn’t included.

Charge faster with Kovol on Amazon for $89.99.

Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels

Cgm Recommends: Back-To-School 2022 Guide

For a student heading off to a new dorm, or a teacher outfitting a new office in the back-to-school season, the Govee Hexa Light Panels can be a solid option in customizing personal space, in a personal way. The light panels come in either a 7 or 10 pack with RGBIC technology to style in the way of the user. This small light show can be controlled using a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google, and features smart control technology, so lights can adjust with just uttering a phrase.

Get lit with Govee starting at a reduced $183.99 from the Govee website.

Shark Wandvac 3-in-1 Cordless System

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 20

The Shark Wandvac System can make any mess a simple cleanup, with a handheld vacuum mode and basic vacuum mode to make any home setting instantly a cleaner space. Students entering a new living situation can revel in a device that makes cleaning easier than asking a professor for an extension for back-to-school living. This cordless vacuum eliminates wire pollution, and weighs in at a meagre 2.1lbs for lightweight, easy cleaning.

Get cleaner from Shark for $299.99.

Ninja Foodi Power Blender & Processor System

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022 21

The Ninja Foodi can help any student struggling with deadlines prepare food in swift fashion, or even teachers that have a massive backlog of ungraded essays to wade through for easy back-to-school food prep. The Foodi comes equipped with four powerful blenders that are interchangeable with one base, to change functions on the fly. This time, Ninja included a dough-making function for an aspiring baker looking to gain brownie points by bringing treats to class.

Go efficient from Ninja starting at a reduced $179.99.

Ninja Foodi NeverDull Essential Knife System

Cgm Recommends: Best Back-To-School Tech 2022

For those that like to get REALLY hands on with their cooking prowess, the Ninja Foodi NeverDull Essential Knife System could be a worthy option as well. The system contains 10 kitchen-ready pieces to get any aspiring chef equipped for any task the kitchen demands. A built-in knife sharper assures the user reliability and is included with the set, keeping users prepared for cooking, although they may not be prepared for their next test.

Get a set from Ninja for $239.99.

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