MAVIX M9 Gaming Chair Review

MAVIX M9 Gaming Chair Review 1
MAVIX M9 Gaming Chair Review
MAVIX M9 Gaming Chair
Company: MAVIX
Type: Gaming Chair
MSRP: $1099.99
CGM Editors Choice

Gaming chairs usually have a certain aesthetic. Though each time I sit down to game, I’m usually in for an adventure, I don’t need my seat to look like I’m off to the races. That is why the MAVIX M9 Gaming Chair really caught my eye. It looks almost clinical, and though the style may put off those looking for a typical “gaming chair”, rest assured that this one fits the bill well.

Let’s get the most obvious issue out of the way first. The MAVIX M9 is pricey. It sits at $1099.99, with the option to add on the Elemax Technology for $130 and a footrest for $44.44. If you’re on a budget, there are definitely other options out there. To put it into perspective, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 comes in at $519, the E-Win Flash XL at $599, the Anda Seat T Pro II at $699, and the Razer Iskur at $799. This chair blows their already out-there prices out of the water, though they do offer financing “as low as $84 a month”. The only one that makes it look affordable is the Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair at $1795.

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Review

Alright, sticker shock aside, this gaming chair is really something. My model was Black & Glacier, but you can also get White, Black & White, or Black. I was able to put it together on my own, which is more than I can say for a lot of chairs I’ve tested. With the easy-to-follow videos online, it took me about 20 minutes. The MAVIX M9 does come with a 12-year warranty (yes, 12 YEARS) and they have 24/7 customer support as well. That’s a win in my books.

The handy online videos also include full instructions on how to adjust the chair to your body properly. You have a lot to learn about, with adjustable DVL & backrest height, backrest angle, head & neck support height and angle, 4-dimensional armrests, seat depth and height and recline tension. Now, I always have to keep my size in mind when reviewing a gaming chair, as I’m not the target buyer at 5’2”. Unfortunately, there are very few companies who make gaming chairs designed for women or other petite people. 

The MAVIX M9 gaming chair didn’t quite fit the way I expected. It was tested by myself, and by my 6’2” partner, and we couldn’t manage to get the DVL (Dynamic Variable Lumbar) support to fit either of our bodies properly. Even as short as I am, the support wouldn’t reach the curve of my back like the video said it should, on any of its four height adjustments. This was the same for my partner. 

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Review

However, what it did was somehow better. It sits near my tailbone, which I realize doesn’t sound amazing, but the way it ebbs and flows with my body when I adjust or rock makes it the most comfortable backrest I’ve encountered. The MAVIX M9 gaming chair also has the most natural recline I’ve experienced in any office or gaming chair. Usually I end up locking my gaming chairs in place because of the sudden jolt when I recline, and feeling like I’m falling. The MAVIX M9 moves so effortlessly with my body that I barely even notice I’ve reclined naturally.

“The MAVIX M9 gaming chair also has the most natural recline I’ve experienced in any office or gaming chair.”

Another odd issue with the adjustments is the base height. Again, I know I’m miniature, but the Mavix M9 in its lowest position is the perfect height for someone over six feet tall (with normal leg proportions). In its highest position, his legs were dangling—like mine in any other chair. It feels like this chair is built for massive people. The chair is 47-56.75 inches high with the head rest, with a 69 degree recline angle and its weight limit is 300lbs. It doesn’t appear to be built for giants, but dangling legs don’t lie.

Something else I never thought I’d boast about are the wheels on the chair. The MAVIX M9 has the most impressive wheels I never knew I was missing in a gaming chair. The locking enabled wheels are sturdy, but also give the smoothest glide across carpet, tile or wood. Climbing back into my regular office chair, I was longing for the lack of turbulence I felt in the MAVIX M9.

The regular mesh back of the MAVIX chair is covered in their M-Breeze fabric, giving it a sleek, professional look—not to mention durable and easy to clean. I wouldn’t say it is the “gamer aesthetic” like I mentioned, but it will certainly be a premium addition to your set-up. The beautiful thing about it, is it can make a seamless transition from your gaming desk to office desk because it looks so professional.

The Elemax Technology available adds heating, cooling and massage to your chair, and is completely optional. It is an insert that sits within the lumbar support of the chair and is easy enough to set up. There are fans that blow lightly into your back to cool you, or you can switch it to heating, though the heat barely makes it through my shirt. The “massage” is just vibration, and it’s a little noisy. I will be honest, it is a fun addition, but not really worth it in my eyes.

The MAVIX footrest, however, I would consider investing in. It is very simple, just a bar and a surface to rest your feet. They don’t lock together or connect to the chair in any way, but it allows you to adjust your positioning easily, giving a few extra inches where needed. Because of my height, I really appreciated this option, as it fit me perfectly.

When I first received the chair, I found myself picking it apart piece by piece because of how it fit, and the price. After a significant amount of time with the MAVIX M9 gaming chair, I’m actually excited about sitting at my desk for hours. Every time I sit down, I genuinely notice how comfortable I am, and anyone else who sits in it always mentions it, even without adjusting it to their specifications.

Though the price is above most of its competitors, and the dimensions are puzzling, somehow this chair, clearly built for much larger people, fits me, and anyone else who sits in it, in all the right places. It’s like the gaming chair equivalent of jeans from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. The MAVIX M9 is the gaming chair to beat.

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