CGM Recommends: Holiday Gifts for Tech Lovers 2021

CGM Recommends: Holiday Technology 2021 15

As the holiday attempts to cut consumers down, CGMagazine has your six with the best holiday gifts for tech lovers in 2021.

When the Holiday Season approaches, so do the hordes of shoppers searching for the latest in tech to secure for loved ones, and shopping for tech can be a herculean task.

Playing the hardest video games sometimes requires a walkthrough, and shopping can be just as difficult. For the non-technophile we here at CGMagazine have compiled a walkthrough for shoppers in the market for the latest tech. Welcome to our CGMagazine Technology Holiday Gift Guide!

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – TP- Link

This Tri-band Wi-Fi system has the ability to replace routers and extenders in the house for a simple, one system meets all needs box. This speedy device can boost internet speed up to 6600 MBPS, handling the most arduous of tasks while being a jack of all trades. Both devices have Ethernet ports for access, and setup is a breeze. This is an ideal candidate for the not technologically savvy, or for those who want easy, out of the box use. Give easy, fast internet for the holiday season.

The Elgato Facecam

Elgato Facecam Review 1
Elgato Facecam

This facecam figuratively and literally changes the game when it comes to high-end cameras for gaming streaming. Our review of the Elgato Facecam says “Elgato’s philosophy for the Facecam was to “focus on what matters, remove what doesn’t.” Their priority has been adding a high quality picture, which they’ve done with a 24 mm f/2.4 prime lens and Sony CMOS sensor and image control that other webcams can only dream of.” Which is high praise indeed. The gift of a proper streaming camera could be yours to give this holiday season.

Helm Audio DB12 AAAMP Mobile Headphone Amplifier

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Helm

This headphone amplifier by Helm is designed to bolster headphones to the utmost capacity, allowing audiophiles to achieve optimal sound quality in a very small package. With the traditional 3.5 mm headphone adapter, it meets most phone and laptop needs. On a full charge, this device survives over 6 hours. This amplifier brings the bass, without the need to go fishing. The holidays will never have sounded better this season with this gift.

Cooler Master MM730 Mouse

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Cooler Master

This small design by Cooler Master really packs a punch in the mouse industry. With this highly responsive mouse, gamers can avoid any traps laid out in stylish fashion. This mouse can change its feet, while remaining lightweight at only 48g. With the option to go wireless or wired, the only shortcoming is that left-handed users need to beware as it is right-handed only. Gift mice as a tech upgrade this season.

Devolo Magic LAN triple starter kit

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Devolo

High speed just became lightspeed with this Devolo powered triple starter kit that will surely upgrade anyone’s internet leaving the impression that it truly is magic. Boasting the ability to provide users with gigabit speed networking in easy fashion. This LAN provides three ports, without the need for a switch. Gift internet convenience at light speed to make networking efficient this holiday.

Razer Keycap Customization Set

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Razer

These stylish keycaps come in 4 colours sporting Quartz pink, white, black and, of course, Razer green options. These caps fit most key switches with a cross-shaped axis, as well as any Razer keyboard. Providing the durability and the iconic style Razer is known for, these also have thin font, as well as oil-resistant caps for comfort. These are the key for the holiday.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro Review 13
CGM Recommends – Google

Google came in hot in the competition of smartphones this year with the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Our review of the latest Google has to offer the smartphone industry says “Google has improved on the formula with the Pixel 6 Pro. This is the phone that finally makes the Pixel range feel worth the time and effort.” Giving the gift of this huge upgrade in smartphone technology, is smart.

mophie snap+ Wireless Vent Mount

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – mophie

This magnetic charger from Mophie allows a hands-free approach for those who need GPS, while also providing necessary charging while driving around. Featuring MagSafe technology that allows up to 15W for safe and efficient charging. With the removable puck, you can even use this handy device at home for necessary charging. Give the gift of GPS capability, and power for the season.

EPOS H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – EPOS

In the newest of headsets from the EPOS, they have introduced a doozy with this multiplatform beast. Sporting a USB-A connector, a 3.5 mm console cable and even Bluetooth connectivity gives this headset the ability to connect to almost every device. Not only is the boom arm fully detachable, pushing it up also mutes this device. Notably, the headset delivers two-way audio, allowing for conversation and gameplay audio to converge. Give immersivity to the gamers in your life this holiday.

Fitbit Sense

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Fitbit

The Fitbit Sense provides an EDA scan that allows the device to sense body stress, and it can even sense Atrial Fibrillation. The battery can last up to 6 days on a single charge, but constant use will decrease that expectation, and worry no longer about constant direction management as this handy device has the GPS to keep users on the path. It even lets you keep an eye on messages and socials if you’re out. The gift of style and innovation, it’s all in the wrist.

Razer Seiren V2 Pro

Razer Seiren V2 Pro Review 1
CGM Recommends – Razer Seiren

Razer has been known to deliver quality on the audio side of life, and the Seiren is no exception. Our review of the Razer Seiren says “the value of the Seiren V2 Pro is unsurpassed. There are a number of microphones that we have seen that come with a higher price tag and offer nowhere near the quality or functionality of this microphone.” For those that want to stream, or for those that know streamers or podcasters, there is hardly a better gift to give.

HyperX Streamer Starter Pack

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021 8
CGM Recommends – HyperX

The Streamer Starter Pack introduces players to a peripheral bag that anyone can use to either get started or continue their streaming journey in a tight little bundle. The bundle includes the HyperX SoloCastTMUSB microphone and Cloud Core gaming headset with DTS Headphone: X1 Spatial Audio, giving streamers a huge boost in quality gear. A head start on gift giving, surely.

NZXT N7 Z590 Motherboard

CGM Recommends – NZXT

NZXT is known for their quality computer components, and their signature iconic design. This motherboard really packs the juice, as our review of the N7 Z590 says “The NZXT N7 Z590 Motherboard is a well-designed main board that packs features and style in a complete package ready for anyone looking to build a new Intel 10th, or 11th gen PC,” detailing how essential it is to have a solid construction piece for any gaming rig. Rig this holiday with NZXT.

Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense

Razer Kraken V3 Hypersense Review 1
CGM Recommends – Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense

Razer is always back with quality in technology, this time in the form of a stylish headset synonymous with what the peripheral brand brings to the table. Our review of the Kraken V3 HyperSense says “To say I was impressed with the HyperSense haptic feedback is putting it mildly. To be able to feel and hear where an enemy is based on the intensity of the rumble in your ears gives a huge advantage. Every enemy footstep, every explosion was amplified because of the haptics, and gaming will never be the same for me.” This headset is perfect for gamers in need of an upgrade this holiday.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Earbuds

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Master & Dynamic

These earbuds from Master&Dynamic can make listening to music on the go and talking easy and efficient. These buds feature noise reduction to allow for a crisper speaking experience and boast a 12-hour charge time. With a case that allows more charge time, these buds will reliably stay alive with you all day. Bluetooth connectivity and interchangeable earbud sizing allow for adaptability in usage. Give buds, to your buds for the holiday.

EPOS GSX 300 Gaming Series

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – EPOS

This nifty device can upgrade any PC gamer’s audio to the next level while reducing the overall wire obtrusiveness. The minimalist design allows a computer desk to remain clean, while also looking sleek and stylish. Our review says “The real selling point is how second-nature the flipping through the different sound profiles is. After playing a few rounds of Apex Legends with some friends, we decided to watch a movie on Netflix Party and with a push of the button, I was set to movie mode and ready to enjoy the film.” This external sound card will render audio quality and give the player or viewer refined sound. Plug and play design also allows for easy setup, giving convenience this holiday.

Anker Soundcore Trance

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Anker

A Bluetooth speaker with a handle and impressive sound to boot, the Anker Soundcore Trance gives users serious bass while giving ease of transport along with an easy to set up design. One of the better parts about this powerful speaker is it is entirely waterproof, so bringing it near any bodies of water won’t give adopters stress. This speaker also gives a five-LED light show, which goes along with the music that plays out of the speaker. Good sound is a perfect gift this holiday.

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – TP-Link

We’ve all been there, in need of another plug for devices. This power strip from TP-Link gives users six extra outlets at the cost of one, this powerstrip also features smart outlets and three USB slots for optimal performance. The smart outlets allow for integration with Google or Amazon voice assistants and give the user availability to view how much power their devices use. Give the gift of power this season.


Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – DJI

This gimbal lets users have a hands-free recording experience without sacrificing stability. With automatic tracking, this light and versatile tool can give users a solid workaround when utilizing smartphone camera functions. This gimbal also utilizes magnets to secure a cellphone without issue, the retractable extender allows for ease of storage as well. Gimbal design made simple.

InfinityLab InstantStation Wireless Stand

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – InfinityLab

With the ability to charge your phone in numerous ways, this wireless stand not only seamlessly charges your device but also places it upright, so powering up while watching video is made easy. With the ability to place phones upright or horizontally, the user is in full control with this stand. The InstantStation Wireless Stand features a wireless charging stand with additional USB-A and USB-C ports, so two more devices can jump on board for seamless, efficient 33W fast charging. Power up smarter this holiday.

Kingston XS2000 Portable SSD

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – Kingston

This very portable SSD can fit right in the user’s pocket for serious transportability. With three different sizes the consumer can choose from, there is space for everyone here. This handy device also comes with a rubber sleeve for protection, but it is built differently, as it is water-resistant and has read speeds of up to a blazing 2000mbps. Give loved ones some space for the holiday.

Viewsonic TD1655

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – ViewSonic

This partner screen for technophiles can really give optimal performance for those who require a second screen, without forsaking quality and utilizing a sound touch display. Whether attempting to utilize a bigger screen for a cell phone or just simply using it as a companion screen, the ViewSonic TD1655 is a solid choice. With two-way power adaptivity from a laptop to the screen or the screen to a laptop, most devices utilizing a USB Type-C port can hook into the display seamlessly. Give the gift of a second display this holiday.

KMD Instinct Deluxe Gaming Headset for PS4/PS5

Cgm Recommends: Holiday Gifts For Tech Lovers 2021
CGM Recommends – KMD

This headset from KMD is optimized for PS4/PS5 and has a small price point for those on a budget for the holiday The headset features omnidirectional sound and noise-cancelling to provide a quality experience for gamers on either console. 40 mm drivers deliver optimal sound for a more rounded gaming experience. Quality headsets are numerous, but for those looking for a smaller price point, look no further than the KMD Instinct.

The Holiday Season waits for no one, and this handy tech guide can give solid ideas to anyone shopping for the technophiles in their lives. For even those who don’t know much about technology, this walkthrough aims to help those in need of gift ideas while providing quality for the family.

For those looking for more ideas, this list will be updated periodically until the Holidays are among us. So check back for more ideas in the near future while looking to spread holiday cheer.

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