Best Comics to Buy This Week – Valentines Day Special

Best Comics to Buy This Week - Valentines Day Special

This year, Valentine’s day falls on the same day as New Comic Book Day which is just lovely. As a result, this week’s hot comics to buy list will feature books for that special someone in your life, especially if that special someone is yourself.

Archie #28

Hot Comics To Buy This Week - Valentines Day Special

Written By: Mark Waid
Art by: Audrey Mok
Price: $3.99 USD

The fact that Archie #28 releases on Valentine’s Day is extremely fitting given the current state of Riverdale’s relationships and the series’ storied history with love. Issue #27 ended with Archie and Veronica not on speaking terms and with Dilton and Betty’s friendship up in the air, so it will be interesting to see where this Valentines centered issue goes. Mark Waid, Ian Flynn and Audrey Mok have managed to reinvigorate the world of Archie, while also staying true to the core of these characters and blazing new trails.

What’s more is that this Archie series has been extremely accessible to new readers while also rewarding those who have been following since it began with earned progression. If you find yourself a fan of CW’s Riverdale or find yourself hating it for straying from the source material, you will almost certainly love this comic.

Mister Miracle #1 Director’s Cut

Hot Comics To Buy This Week - Valentines Day Special 1

Written By: Tom King
Art By: Mitch Gerards
Price: $5.99 USD

Mister Miracle is easily one of the best series on comic stands today, as it combines over the top super-heroics with a grounded look at life, death, and legacy. At six issues, the series is currently at its halfway mark which makes this Director’s cut version of the first issue rather timely. For those who missed out on Mister Miracle #1 when it first came out, the director’s cut is the perfect way to jump into a great series. This issue features an all black and white format, which gives a more intimate look at Mitch Gerard’s stunning pencils. On top of that, the directors cut includes an all-new Mister Miracle origin story by writer Tom King and drawn by Mike Norton of Mystik U fame. I cannot recommend this series enough. Oh and also: Darkseid is.

The Black Monday Murders #7

Hot Comics To Buy This Week - Valentines Day Special 4

Written By: Jonathan Hickman
Art By: Tomm Coker
Price: $3.99 USD

Nothing quite says Valentines Day fun on a Wednesday like The Black Monday Murders #7. This book has stood alone since it debuted in August of 2016, with its masterful portrayal of Wall Street: full of murder, deception and godly meddling. As much as Black Monday Murders is a great series, issue #7 is the conclusion of a story arc and isn’t a great jumping on point for new readers. That being said, I highly recommend picking up the books’ first collection, which contains issues 1-4 of this series and judging by this book’s sporadic release schedule, you should be caught up in no time.

Star Wars: Thrawn #1

Hot Comics To Buy This Week - Valentines Day Special 3

Written By: Jody Houser
Art By: Luke Ross
Price: $4.99 USD

With his recent story arc on the TV Show Star Wars Rebels, it seems fitting that Marvel’s newest Star Wars comic would focus on Thrawn. The only alien Grand Admiral in Imperial history, Thrawn was a stellar villain in the previous Star Wars Expanded Universe and recently in Rebels. This issue promises to take an in-depth look at his origin, spanning back to the clone wars era, and should provide readers with new insight on Thrawn’s character. Even if you’ve never read or seen anything involving Thrawn this book seems to serve as a nice starting point, giving a new origin for the most famous Chis being in the Star Wars galaxy.

Total Jazz

Hot Comics To Buy This Week - Valentines Day Special 2

Written By: Blutch
Art By: Blutch
Price: $19.99 USD

Total Jazz is a collection of short stories and vignettes that examines the music and the nature of the jazz subculture. Expressed over ninety pages, Total Jazz is billed to be told in a “range of styles as improvisational as Coltrane and Mingus”. That’s a whole lot to be excited about. What’s more is that Total Jazz is also the latest book by French cartoonist, Christian Hincker, who has been a staple of European comics under his pen name Blutch, since he first came onto the scene in the 1980’s. Known for his scratchy pen-and-pencil drawings as well as his masterful storytelling, Blutch is the perfect fit for this freewheeling look at one of the most interesting genres in music. At $19.99 USD Total Jazz is the most expensive book on this list but at ninety pages it’s a great deal for all the hepcats in your life.

What books are you excited for this week? And what are some great books to give to a significant other? Let us know in the comments below!

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