Best Nintendo Switch Game 2022

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The Nintendo Switch is an incredible console, that’s no secret. What’s even more incredible is the games it gave us in 2022, whether it was a game we’ve already played with a Switch adaptation or a completely new game, it is always bringing new experiences to the table—and family. With all that we have seen from the company this year, it’s definitely hard to pick the best Nintendo Switch Game 2022, but we did!

Here are the nominees for best Nintendo Switch game 2022:

Nintendo Switch Sports

Best Nintendo Switch Game 2023 23021002

Writer: Preston Dozsa 
Console: Nintendo Switch 
Price: $73.20

Wii Sports is one of the most iconic games released for the Nintendo Wii, serving as a strong introduction to the potential of motion controls in video games. Its sequel, Wii Sports Resort, featured improved controls and more sports to play. And now we have Nintendo Switch Sports, a game that has arguably the best motion controls in the series, is fun to play, yet is lacking in the variety of its sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a good game. Not great, not average: good. It does what it sets out to do well, for the most part, and captures the fun I had playing Wii Sports with my friends a decade and a half ago. While some of the modes lack staying power, Nintendo Switch Sports is still a great way to spend a few hours with friends.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Is The Best Switch Game To Introduce Your Kids To Games 1

Writer: Jordan Biodri
Console: Nintendo Switch
Price: $78.95

I’ve mentioned in my writing that Kirby’s Super Star was one of my most played games on the SNES, but saying that is a bit of an understatement. Kirby’s Super Star was probably my all-time favourite game growing up, second maybe to Golden Sun on the GBA. While I had played Kirby’s Dream Land on the Game Boy when I was much younger—the look, feel, and scope of Super Star made it a Kirby game with no equal.

Where Kirby and the Forgotten Land really stands out is in its visuals and sound design. Simply put, the game is absolutely gorgeous, both on and off the dock. Each area is bursting with details, and a copious amount of colour that really shines in HD, and especially on the Switch OLED. The minimalistic designs also allow for a lot of clarity, especially in handheld mode, where there were several times I was convinced the Switch was outputting in 1080p. While it’s not totally seamless—there are some pretty noticeable frame-drops for far away enemies or objects—the game maintains a look and feel that constantly kept me engaged and wanting to see what the next level looked like.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Rumoured After Resetera Leak 1

Writer: Preston Dozsa
Console: Nintendo Switch
Price: $79.99

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is a sequel to a game that should not have worked on paper but surprisingly did in practice. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle successfully managed to make the combination of Mario and Rabbids good while providing the answer to whether or not Mario can use a gun and still feel like Mario (Yes, it turns out). Sparks of Hope asks a different question: Can we improve upon that ridiculous predecessor? Well, despite some qualms, it turns out Ubisoft absolutely can.

Yet lack of difficulty and bad menus do not break Sparks of Hope. It’s not a particularly deep strategy game, but it is an enjoyable one. The shift from the carefully designed battles in Kingdom Battle to the fluid, freeform fights found here is exactly that – a shift. Coupled with worlds full of life and a cast that is quirky yet never annoying, and Sparks of Hope is a solid strategy game anyone can enjoy.

Bayonetta 3

New Bayonetta 3 Trailer Reveals Release Date 1

Writer: Preston Dozsa
Console: Nintendo Switch
Score: 8.5
Price: $79.99

Bayonetta 3 is utterly ridiculous, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the Bayonetta franchise at large. From its bombastic set pieces to its reality-hopping story to its devilishly fun weaponry, you can’t say PlatinumGames is holding back with this sequel. Bayonetta 3 is a fantastic action game, one that shines despite technical hiccups and pacing issues. 

Eight years in the making, Bayonetta 3 is an utterly ridiculous action romp from PlatinumGames that blends sublime controls with over-the-top set pieces that fans have come to love. And while pacing and technical issues hold it back, it’s a fantastic sequel that fans of the franchise will love.

WINNER: Best Nintendo Switch Game Pokémon Legends Arceus

Best Nintendo Switch Game 2023 23020902

Writer: Preston Dozsa
Console: Nintendo Switch
Price: $79.99 

Let me be frank: Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a fantastic evolution of the Pokémon formula. It makes changes both minor and major to its systems to accommodate a shift to a quasi-open world format, retaining Pokémon’s charm while pushing the boundaries as to what the series is capable of. This doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, as there are still areas where Game Freak can improve both visually and in its battle system. Even so, Arceus is reinvigorating, effectively capturing the sense of adventure that the best games in the franchise invoke.

Coupled with the design of the world itself and the exploration mechanics, playing Arceus is invigorating. At one point in my playthrough, I spent an hour delving into a side quest that saw me solving an ancient mystery. I had to first uncover what the legend was, decipher how to fulfill its conditions, and then dive into a gruelling battle that saw me catch my first Legendary Pokémon. Few quests are similar to this, but it’s these surprises that emerge through the intersection of Arceus gameplay systems that make me want to keep exploring the world and catching Pokémon, even after I’ve seen the story through to the end.

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