CGMagazine Top Tech of 2017

CGMagazine Top Tech of 2017 1

The exciting thing about the tech industry is that it’s always evolving and going in new directions to please consumers in diverse ways. Year after year there are new trends that spark up out of nowhere and become the next hot-ticket item. There is also the large abundance of hyped up products that we anxiously wait for to see if the manufacturer can deliver on every promise. Without further ado, here are five stellar products that deserve recognition for being the best the industry had to offer in 2017.

5.) Microsoft Surface Studio

Top 5 Tech Of 2017
Surface Studio – Image Credit: CGMagazine

Instead of catering to business or pure performance, Microsoft decided to build the Surface line of products to be the perfect toolbox for an untapped market: aspiring digital creators. The design of the Surface Studio is simply stunning, freely flowing between a powerful all-in-one computer and a large draft-table for artists to go wild on. All of the features and add-ons of the Surface Studio work to improve workflow in innovative ways and feel intuitive to use, increasing the creator’s efficiency so they can focus all their attention on their next project with precision and control.

4.) Google Home/ Home Mini

Top 5 Tech Of 2017 1
Google Home – Image Credit: CGMagazine

One of the hot tech trends of 2017 are the global release of smart speakers. For readers unaware, these are essentially voice controlled digital assistants that smartly integrate into our homes and devices to deliver hands-free experiences. The most notable of these speakers are the Amazon Echo and the Google Home line of products. Each one of these products has their pros and cons, but we believe the Google Home edges out for the win due to its wider range of abilities and services. These are a most own item for people with many smart enabled devices around the home.

3.) AMD Ryzen

Top 5 Tech Of 2017 2
Ryzen – Image Credit: CGMagazine

AMD’s Ryzen line of CPUs brought back competition to what seemed like a static and monopolistic market. While none of the Ryzen CPU’s could claim the title as gaming king from Intel, AMD offered users an affordable alternative that still delivers great performance and excels at productivity, acting as the heart of many new workstations. Whether you’re on Team Blue or Red, the return of competition means that these companies will be fighting harder for the consumers hard earned money and striving to deliver new innovations, instead of merely offering incremental improvements.

2.) iPhone X/ Google Pixel 2 XL

Top 5 Tech Of 2017 7
Google Pixel 2 XL – Image Credit: CGMagazine

After another annual wave of smartphone releases, the two that stand above the rest are the without a doubt the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 XL. Narrowing it down to just one winner would be too difficult, so we have provided two flavours for users loyal to Android and iOS.

The latest flagship models of these companies are both quite pricey, but pack within them exceptional user experiences. The Google Pixel 2 XL is amazing due to its powerful cameras, giving the aspiring photographer and director in all of us the ability to capture life’s greatest moments with crystal clarity and vibrant colour. Meanwhile, The iPhone X is Apple’s most ambitious phone to date and proves the company continues to seek and deliver new innovations to its massive user base.

1.) Nintendo Switch

Top 5 Tech Of 2017 4
Nintendo Switch – Image Credit: CGMagazine

Nintendo’s latest console is easily one of the technical marvels of 2017, managing to blend both console and portable gaming experiences flawlessly into a single platform. After just 7 months on the market, the Switch has managed to sell 7.63 million pieces of hardware worldwide and over 13 million pieces of software, a fantastic success for one of gaming’s most treasured and beloved companies.

The success of the Switch means a lot for Nintendo. After the travesty known as the Wii U, many thought that it was time for Nintendo to throw in the towel and stop making hardware. Sales were dreadful, third-party relations were destroyed and new experiences for players to enjoy were releasing at a snail’s pace. The Nintendo Switch has managed to revitalize the company and repair the crumbling walls around it, creating a must-own gaming experience for even the most casual of players.

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