4 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Gaming Laptop

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Gaming laptops aren’t exactly cheap, and the long hours pro-gamers tend to use them can cause them to deteriorate much faster than they should. As a gamer, it is your responsibility to maintain and take care of your gaming laptop for its long life.

You should maintain a vigorous laptop care routine that you religiously follow, and given below are four tips to help you take care of your gaming laptop:

Clean your entire laptop every four months

To ensure good airflow in your gaming laptop, be sure to get it cleaned every four months. Gaming laptops usually have small, but high-performance parts crammed into a small space. While this contributes to their portability, it also hampers breathing space and air flow for all the different components. If your laptop gets clogged due to dust in its fans, your laptop’s productivity is likely to be hampered.

Hence, to ensure air flow and circulation in your gaming laptop to keep its temperature down and its processor running, be sure to get it cleaned every four months and get all dust, dirt, and lint removed from all nooks and crannies inside.

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Protect your laptop from viruses and threats

To protect your gaming laptop from any unduly viruses and malware, be sure to always use a VPN while using the internet. You should also install advanced antivirus software in addition to the by-default software that your laptop comes with. Similar to how a doctor prescribes a fit colon test to the elderly on every visit, you should be running virus scans regularly to check your system’s health.

Not paying attention to the above is likely to make your gaming laptop a breeding ground for common computer viruses. It will also make your laptop almost painfully slow in addition to frequently crashing browser and application tabs. You need to protect your laptop against malware, spyware and all sorts of suspicious activity and, hence, you should take good care of your laptop’s internal health by using antivirus software.

Use external keyboards and mouse pads

Instead of using the keyboard and mouse that your gaming laptop comes with in-built, it is always a good idea to use an external keyboard and mouse pad when you are using the laptop from the comfort of your home. If you fail to do so, you are likely to run the laptop’s keyboard dry in a few years and the markings on top of it will be gone in no time.

External keyboards are also easier and cheaper to replace in comparison to the in-built keyboards. Frequent use of the laptop’s mouse pad is going to damage its sensitivity to touch and would be very expensive to fix in comparison to a broken external mouse. Using an external keyboard and mouse will help length the life of your gaming laptop ten-fold.

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Refrain from using it in extreme temperatures 

Using your laptop in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures is likely to damage its health. A range of anywhere between 12°C to 37°C is ideal for laptop usage, and using your gaming laptop at any temperature higher or lower is not recommended at all.

This is because, in higher temperatures and extremely hot weather, your laptop is more prone to overheating. Not only does overheating in laptops damage their internal health, but can also lead to hardware failure. Using your laptop in lower temperatures and extremely cold weather can cause condensation to occur in its internal organs since the laptop’s inside will be warmer as compared to the outside. This could cause your laptop to short-circuit.

Gaming laptops are an important part of your life irrespective of whether you are a professional gamer or do it as a hobby. Gaming laptops are cheap and hence you should be doing everything in your power to protect them from external damage or deterioration. The above-mentioned tips are likely to help you care for your gaming laptop and increase its life.

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