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During last year’s Humble Games Showcase, we got a look at some incredible games like SIGNALIS. This year Humble Games updated us on some highly anticipated games while showcasing some new ones that look to keep their hot streak going.

Humble Games aims to be a force for good with their social impact bundles and charities as we are reminded of their Earthquake relief bundle in which one hundred percent of the 3.6 million dollars raised went directly to charities in Turkey to help during the disaster. 

Touching on the nine games released last year and how Humble Games remains for two years in a row Metecritics top publishers, which says a lot considering it is only three years old. They dove into the games, coining the phrase Triple I instead of Triple-A. Next, they gave a quick update on Monaco 2, mentioning it is coming along beautifully. But then the trailers started, and there was a lot, so let’s dive in.


Wizards of Legend 2

Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705 5

With the development of Wizards of Legend 2 being handed off to Dead Mage studio with original developer Contingent99 on board helping to consult on this follow-up. The significant changes with this sequel are its move away from the pixelated look to a more 3D aesthetic and the addition of online multiplayer, making this spell-slinging, gauntlet-esque dungeon crawler look like a blast. However, with no firm date, it looks like it will be a while before we can dive into this magical world. Little is known about the story, but as we get closer to the date, that tale will start to reveal itself.


Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705

Next up was a first look at the debut game from Exit 73 animation/ development studio. While known for their work from Nickelodeon and Disney XD, you immediately get a sense of the incredible animation during the #BLUDs trailer as we take on the role of Becky in this action RPG that mixes elements of Sword of Ditto and Persona. I couldn’t be more excited about this. Hopefully, with a 2024 release year, we will get our hands on this sooner rather than later.

Breeze in the Clouds

Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705 1

Up next was a delightful-sounding game Breeze in the Clouds. This follows a Corgi named Breeze who, after being separated from their best friend, gets transported to another land Tropolis. With a message about environmental awareness, we see lots of fighting and raccoon-looking enemies getting their butts whopped by Breeze in this sidescrolling action beat ‘em up. With no release date, Breeze will have to wait while we jump into our next game.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705 2

With a behind-the-curtain look at last month’s live musical event, we get to hear more about this fantastic musical. We see how choices in the musical interludes will change not only the tone and songs themselves, but how they will shape the story. After hearing how the cast feels about the game, it’s clear that a lot of love is going into Stray Gods. We then get a more pronounced trailer, with a clear idea of the overall story, and get a real sense of just how musical this game will be. With a release date of August 3rd, 2023, I can’t wait to play this one repeatedly.

Supra Land Six Inches Under

Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705 3

SupraLand Six Feet Under is a follow-up to the 2019 critical hit Supra Land. Humble Games announced today that they are assisting the team at Supra Games UG to port their sequel to consoles, and it launches today! This is exciting news after playing Supraland on consoles last year as it gives me another chance to dive into the first-person, RPG-esque action-adventure set in a stick-figured world.

Bõ : Path of the Total Lotus

Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705 4

In a 2.5 D hand-drawn art style, Squid Shock Studios’ debut game looks right up the alley for any fans of the action platformer like Shovel Knight or Cave Story. Based on Japanese Folklore, take on the role of Bõ as you traverse this deadly world filled with all manners of creatures while unlocking shapeshifting abilities and exploring the world to unlock its haunting secrets. With a 2024 year release, Bõ : Path of the Total Lotus looks like it is shaping up to be a beautifully drawn game.


Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705 6

From the team behind Moonlighter comes Cataclismo, a tower defence and real-time strategy genre mix-up set in the medieval dark ages. While not much is shown here, I am on board with anything the developers at Digital Sun throw at us. With no date, this one also looks pretty far off, but with the planning in a Real Time Strategy game mixed with certain Tower Defense elements, this one could become something pretty cool.

Lost Skies

Humble Games Showcase Packed With New Announcements 23051705 7

The final game was shown at the Humble Games Showcase, with Humble Games teaming up with Bossa Games for their next release. In an open-world, cooperative survival game set on sky islands, we must band together to discover ancient technology and brave the skies. With very little information, the thought of building my own airship is enough to pique my interest. Plus, with the Bossa Games’ pedigree for creativity, this will shape up nicely.

So there we have it! Packed with games, the Humble Games team really brought it this year. I am excited to get more updates on these games later this year, and with Stray Gods just around the corner, they look to keep that top-rated critic running for three years.

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