Most Anticipated PC Games of 2019

Most Anticipated PC Games of 2019 7

2018 was a good but not great year for PC gaming. While there were some memorable releases like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Monster Hunter: World, there were also a fair amount of disappointments like Fallout 76 and Sea of Thieves. Thankfully, 2019 is shaping up to not only have some great games, but many of the games on the slate look like improvements on some of 2018’s most disappointing titles. Without further ado, here are CGMagazine’s most anticipated PC Games of 2019.


Most Anticipated Pc Games Of 2019
Anthem – Image Provided by EA Games

Flying suits, a massively-multiplayer world, a shot at redemption for a decorated developer, these are the main selling points of Anthem, Bioware’s upcoming shooter that’s making its way to PC this February. Set on a world left unfinished by the gods, players must band together to fight off a shadowy enemy that threatens to destroy all mankind, using fully customizable exosuits and the power of teamwork. The game is a cooperative one, and not PvP (player versus player) which sets it up well for a great story, something that Bioware is very much known for. With many people still sour about the disappointingly mediocre release that was Mass Effect Andromeda, there is extra pressure on the development team to craft a winner,  and judging by their overall track record, a winner is what Anthem will be.

Skull and Bones

Most Anticipated Pc Games Of 2019 1
Skull and Bones – Image Provided by Ubisoft

One of the things that 2018 showed us is that gamers like the idea of a swashbuckling pirate adventure that they can play with friends and random strangers alike. While Sea of Thieves hasn’t managed to become the game that it was expected to be, Ubisoft’s upcoming pirate game, Skull and Bones looks like it could step into the spotlight. The game takes place in the year 1718, during the twilight years of ocean piracy, with players banding together to make one final stand against the British Empire. The game basically looks like Pirates of the Caribbean, except you’re not constantly trying to forget how scuzzy Johnny Depp is in real life. Skull and Bones is also built from the stellar naval combat found in Assassins Creed Black Flag, which gives it a very strong foundation for Ubisoft to expand on. Plus, the game looks gorgeous and all signs point to Skull and Bones being a standout multiplayer experience, with plenty of pirate action for all ye landlubbers. While there isn’t a specific release date for the game yet, you can sign up for the game’s beta right here.

World of Warcraft Classic

Most Anticipated Pc Games Of 2019 3
World of Warcraft – Image Provided by Blizzard

The original World of Warcraft is one of the most influential and important games of all time. From branching upgrades to co-operative bosses and quest-based levelling, it set the standard of what MMO games were for years to come, and it’s finally going to be playable again this summer. Blizzard released an online demo of the game during BlizzCon 2018, and while it’s noticeably slower and more grind oriented than modern day W.O.W, it also has a wondrous feeling of simplicity and nostalgia that makes it a joy to experience. Whether you are someone who lives and breathes World of Warcraft or are simply looking for a way into the franchise, World of Warcraft Classic is a game to keep your eye on.

The Outer Worlds

Most Anticipated Pc Games Of 2019 4
The Outer Worlds – Obsidian Games

For those looking to leave the disappointment of Fallout 76 in 2018 while still scratching that itch that only Fallout-like games can deliver, The Outer Worlds is a very exciting prospect. Developed by Obsidian Games, the makers of the original Fallout as well as Fallout New Vegas, The Outer Worlds looks like a wonderfully zany and chaotic post-apocalyptic trip. While we’ve only seen one trailer for the game so far, what we have seen includes choices that matter, large varieties of environments and creatures, a charming and sharp looking art style, classic Obsidian humour, as well as some great music to boot. It’s been a while since we got a game like this from Obsidian and that alone makes it one of the must-play games of 2019.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Most Anticipated Pc Games Of 2019 5

Created by the makers of Titanfall, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a brand new game that looks to flesh out further corners of the Star Wars Universe. The game is set between Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) and Episode IV (A New Hope), during the fallout from the great Jedi Purge of Order 66. This is an era rife with unexplored potential and so from a story aspect Fallen Order has the potential to have some real significance. Thankfully, the gameplay also has great potential as developer Respawn has shown a knack for creating great and fully realized shooting experiences that should fit right into the world of Star Wars. Also, as the name suggests players will be able to use lightsabers in the game, which certainly is exciting for Star Wars fans. As long as there is no disturbance with the game’s 2019 release date, then Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sets up well as one of the standout games of 2019.

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