Top Five 360 Games To Bring to Xbox One

Top Five 360 Games To Bring to Xbox One 9

With every wave of forward compatible Xbox 360 games, there are titles that deserve to be there, and others that really shouldn’t. The latest list of 360 gems that you can play on your Xbox One had some classics like Halo Reach, and Braid, while also including duds like Kane and Lynch 2 and Fable III. It always creates the watercooler talk of what games should be there instead. So we compiled a list of five 360 games we hope to see their way to the Xbox One compatible chart. The rules for this list are one game per franchise, the titles had to be available for the Xbox 360, and for the sake of keeping things interesting, there can’t be a remastered version on the market. So here we go


Developer: Realtime Worlds
Microsoft Game Studios

When Crackdown first released in February 2007, almost everyone with a 360 wanted to get their hands on it so they could play the packed in Halo 3 beta. But after they got their fill, gamers were pleasantly surprised that there was a really fun game packed in with their Halo preview. Players are dropped in Pacific City, a town so overrun with crime the police force had to resort to genetically modified super soldiers who can carry assault rifles. You level up your cop in different areas like driving, shooting, and collecting hard-to-reach ability orbs, to make your officer the most dangerous guy in town. It’s one of those games that gets lost in the shuffle of truly great exclusive titles because it came so early in the generation, and was overshadowed by a beta for a more popular franchise. But still, Microsoft is moving forward with an all new Crackdown, so now is a good time to let people play this open world adventure on the Xbox One.

Sonic Generations

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega

So, it’s confession time. I’m a Sonic fan. There was a time when it was okay to say things like that but after 2006, there really hasn’t been much of a reason to admit such statements. But Sonic Generations came along and reminded me why Sonic was good. Yes, it’s a nostalgia trip. But it’s the best kind. They finally got 3D Sonic stages down (to an extent) and the re-introduction of classic Sonic made for some awesome sidescrolling platforming. It really got me excited for the future of the franchise while telling the world Sonic can still be fun. Let’s just not talk about what came after it though.

Red Dead Redemption

Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Publisher: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games made an open-world western. I don’t think I need to say anything else to explain why this game is awesome. But I will. You play as a former outlaw who has to traverse 3 fictitious states and a Mexican border town in search of your old running pals to bring them to justice. There’s horseback riding, gun slinging, and wildlife encounters. On top of that, there’s zombie DLC. While it isn’t Grand Theft Auto V in either size or scope, it’s still a really solid game and it might be Rockstars bets non-GTA game.

Mafia II

Developer: 2K Czech
Publisher: 2K Games

This might be one of the most under-appreciated titles on this list. Mafia II is literally a gangster flick that you play. Players cruise through 1940s Empire Bay as Vito Scaletta, an Italian immigrant who gets caught up in low-level crime. But during a robbery, he’s caught and forced to join the army to fight in the World War. Upon returning home, he clearly didn’t learn his lesson and goes back to his old ways. Then he goes to jail again. When he get’s out, it’s the 1950s and everything is different. The only way for him to make a living again is to go back to the life of crime and join the mob. The story is captivating, and the New York-inspired city is really interesting.  The game does a beautiful job of capturing everything great about 1940’s and 1950’s America, all while playing like Grand Theft Auto-Lite. I absolutely adored this title when it came out, and frequently go back to play again. With the sequel coming out later next year, it’s the perfect time to let people remember how good of a franchise this is.

Bioshock: Infinite

Developer: Irrational Games
Publisher: 2K Games

In many ways, Bioshock Infinite is the perfect swan song of the last generation. Unlike it’s predecessors that released earlier in the PS3 and Xbox 360 life cycle, Infinite was bright and colourful, all while keeping in line with the dark undertones of the series past. Players are taken from the underwater hororscape that was Rapture and brought to the floating city of Colombia. Unfortunately, the city is ruled by a racist Christian conservative who caused such tensions that the whole place is on the verge of civil war. It’s regarded as one of the best games of the last generation and was the perfect way to cap off an almost decade-long gaming generation.

Since this was a top five, there’s obviously titles that didn’t make the cut. These are games that either left a lasting impression on me or the industry, and deserve to be played on the new generation of consoles in some way. Did I miss a game you want to see playable on the Xbox One?

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