The MSI Pulse 17—A New Gaming Laptop Only For The Best

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While MSI has always embodied power and style in the gaming laptop space, the MSI Pulse 17 takes things to the next level with the latest Intel Core i7-13700H processor and GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card to give gamers the kind of experience they expect from a top-of-the-line gaming machine. Add the MSI GPU Switch, which allows you to switch between performance and battery life, and you have the options you need on the go.

With all that gaming, things can get hot, but with the Cooler Boost 5, the MSI Pulse 17 has dedicated thermal solutions for both the CPU and GPU, with larger fans and a shared pipe design to ensure maximum performance no matter how long you’re at it. Topped off with a 4-zone RGB keyboard with backlit WASD keys and specially designed caps, you’re not only rocking a powerful rig; you’re rocking a stylish one. All these features and more give the MSI Pulse 17 the edge over the competition.

The Msi Pulse 17A New Gaming Laptop Only For The Best 23041104

Starting things off with the all-new design features, the MSI Pulse 17, as well as the rest of the Pulse series, has a sturdy titanium design, which evokes the same feelings as that suit of armour used by the knights in your match of Mount & Blade or the futuristic version utilized by Isaac Clarke in Dead Space. The thin bezel also allows your screen to take up the most real estate possible.

With the aforementioned highlighted WASD keycaps and 4-zone RGB backlight support, as well as the brand-new A-side design, you’ve got a laptop that delivers on MSI’s promise of performance while showing off how good it can look. Adding to the design are the ports, which include an RJ45 for an Ethernet connection in case you’re able to get a dedicated line for a more stable Internet connection, as well as two USB-C and USB-A ports with different speeds, giving you all the options you could want.

Fully customizable, the keyboard uses MSI Center’s Mystic Light to match whatever unique style you’re feeling that day. With basic and complex options available for your lighting, you can get really deep into how you want your keys presented to you.

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The MSI Pulse 17 is no pushover when it comes to performance, with its Dragon Warrior mascot embodying all the power and design that has gone into this cutting-edge piece of hardware. The 13th generation Intel Core i7 H-series processor makes its way into the Pulse 17, with an enhanced hybrid core architecture and up to 14 cores, providing next-generation processing power for the everyday multitasker who wants to listen to music, browse the web and play a game of Warzone all at the same time.

By using this state-of-the-art processor, the MSI Pulse 17 sees a 30% increase in performance over previous models, with up to 5.4GHz of maximum turbo. The GeForce RTX, 40 series GPUs, also see this performance boost, providing lightning-fast performance for gamers and creators alike. Featuring the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, the GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs not only deliver breakthrough performance but also deliver AI-powered graphics.

All of this power allows games with lifelike virtual worlds to shine, as panoramic ray tracing and low latency make sure you’re getting the best experience possible with the best visuals possible. Simulating how light behaves in the real world, the RTX 40 Series and third-gen RT cores offer movie-like visuals for those top-tier, visually-pleasing titles on the market.

The Msi Pulse 17A New Gaming Laptop Only For The Best 23041104 2

AI is at the forefront of the tech world right now, and while the MSI Pulse 17 has it to boost performance, thankfully, it’s not here to take over the world… yet. The next generation DLSS3 uses AI to create additional frames and increase in-game FPS, while also supporting ray tracing. In other words, the AI anticipates screens to give the player better visuals across all media.

Pulse Series laptops also support Discrete Graphics Mode, which includes a MUX switch on the motherboard that gives owners the ability to optimize their laptop’s performance for battery life or pure gaming performance. The new CPU-GPU share-pipe design allows heat to be evenly distributed between each processor for improved efficiency and maximum performance, keeping the Pulse 17 at the forefront of gaming technology. 

With the option for PCle Generation 4 SSDs and up to DDR5-5200, high-speed data transfer allows you not to get bogged down by download speeds ever again.

The Msi Pulse 17A New Gaming Laptop Only For The Best 23041104 3

Visually, the MSI Pulse 17 uses a high refresh rate and 144Hz display to provide smooth visuals throughout use, and with stunning, high-quality speakers, you’ll have great sound quality to boot. Equipped with a pair of 2W speakers, the sound isn’t compromised by the compact, on-the-go design. Nahimic by Steelseries’ EasySurround technology creates a realistic, immersive audio experience when paired with your existing Bluetooth speaker as the rear speaker, allowing players to get even more immersed in their games.

Wi-Fi 6 is built in from the start, allowing for non-stop networking to high-speed internet connections, which is three times faster than Wi-Fi 5. This means those all-new cloud gaming services can easily be handled by the MSI Pulse 17 gaming laptop—topping out at 2.4GB per second of download speed. With the future only getting more and more online-oriented, and the gaming industry following suit, being at the forefront of Wi-Fi technology is a no-brainer with the MSI Pulse 17.

The Msi Pulse 17A New Gaming Laptop Only For The Best 23041104 4

Consumers can now find the MSI Pulse 17 Gaming Laptop with dual 16GB DDR5s exclusively at Best Buy, while the B13VGK-216CA model is available at Memory Express, Canada Computers & Electronics, and Staples. For those ready to get the best gaming laptop available on the market today, there are few options as powerful MSI Pulse 17 Gaming Laptop.

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