Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) Review 4

Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) Review

Major League Fun for a Minor League Price

System: Xbox One
Score: 9/10

For most videogame fans, paying full price for a sports game can be rather steep. Spending that full price on a game that expects you to have a yearly commitment, can at times be an even worse experience. With my time playing Super Mega Baseball 2, however, I found that there are options for players expecting to spend less with their sports games that, even if it’s not on the same playing field as a AAA title like MLB.

Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) Review 5
Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) – image for this review provided by Metalhead Software Inc.

I’ll begin by admitting that I myself am rusty at Baseball. Anyone who knows me in real life is aware that I can barely keep track of the score. But thankfully, Super Mega Baseball 2 is easy enough to learn that soon enough even I gained interest. This easiness comes mostly due to Super Mega Baseball 2’s arcade feel, which in practice, means that not only are certain moves easier to do than in other realistic baseball games, but matches can be very short, making Super Mega Baseball 2 amazing for short baseball sections. When this is taken into consideration, Super Mega Baseball 2 is perfect for beginners diving into the world of baseball like me.

For more experienced players, however, Super Mega Baseball 2 includes a variety of modes, teams, difficulties, and extra gameplay tweaks such as full control of your swing. This means that while Super Mega Baseball 2 is easy to grasp, it is truly hard to master. This difficulty curve adds a lot of value and replay-ability to the game, but what I truly believe is Super Mega Baseball 2’s most valuable addition is its multiplayer mode.

Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) Review 4
Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) – image for this review provided by Metalhead Software Inc.

While I wasn’t able to test it myself, Super Mega Baseball 2’s single-player mode simply left me with the impression that playing with friends or online opponents would be not only a more challenging, but a more rewarding experience.

If there is one aspect of Super Mega Baseball 2 that truly enhanced my experience, it was its visual style. While other sports entries tend to go for a more serious, realistic style, Super Mega Baseball 2 is entirely cartoony. This from the very start made Super Mega Baseball 2 a more welcoming experience, which helped considering my skill level.

From the players, to the narration, and even to the stadiums, Super Mega Baseball 2’s style is so simplistic, but it’s easy on the eyes. Above all, it is this visual simplicity that, combined with the satisfying gameplay, creates an experience that does exactly what the developers intended Super Mega Baseball 2 to do: be a fun baseball experience that can get any player to smile whether alone or with friends.

Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) Review 3
Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) – image for this review provided by Metalhead Software Inc.

For those wanting to spend less, Super Mega Baseball 2 offers enough content to be fun and easily learned by people of all skill levels. It may not be as flashy as an EA Sports property, but for the price point, it’s a home run.

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Although not quite on par with an MLB, Super Mega Baseball 2 is a great entry for its price, offer-ing enough simplicity in gameplay to be enjoyable to practically anyone.
Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One) Review

Super Mega Baseball 2

Publisher: Metalhead Software Inc.
Developer: Metalhead Software Inc.
Played On: Xbox One
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One