8Bitdo Releases Firmware For Switch Compatible Retro Controllers

8Bitdo Releases Firmware For Switch Compatible Retro Controllers

8bitdo has released a new firmware allowing their series of popular retro Nintendo inspired controllers to work on the Nintendo Switch.

8bitdo, a China-based manufacturer of retro controllers for PC and mobile devices have released a new patch for all of their firmware updatable controllers, this new patch allows the controllers to be recognized by the Nintendo Switch as Pro controllers allowing for use in many games that have Pro controller support.  The list of controllers that have been updated can be viewed below:

Nes30, Nes30Pro, FC30, FC30Pro, Snes30, Sfc30, the Zero, and a Nintendo 64 inspired pad, simply called the N64 Controller.

In order to update any of the above controllers, one simply has to visit the 8bitdo’s website and download the appropriate firmware file for the corresponding controller, plug in said controller to either a PC or Mac via usb while holding both L+R and start button for about 10 seconds to get the controller into firmware update mode. Once the controller has been updated, simply turn on the Nintendo Switch and go to the manual pair mode from the home screen while holding L+R on the desired 8bitdo controller, it should be detected by the Nintendo Switch as a Pro controller.

Games such as Shovel Knight, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, feel right at home with 8bitdo’s line of classic controllers.

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