Halloween Tricks for Amazon’s Alexa in Time for the Spooky Season

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With Halloween being one of the most widely celebrated holidays in North America, Amazon’s Alexa has a few tricks to get you in the spooky spirit!

With countless decorations, haunted houses, horror movies, and other things to get you into the “spooky” spirit, Amazon did not want to miss out. Amazon’s Alexa has a host of offerings that can support your holiday celebrations. If you want a device that comes dressed up already, the new Echo Dot Kids comes in the Owl or Dragon variation. Of course, it comes equipped with all the parental controls you need.

Past that, however, Alexa has had a few special interactions for Halloween, starting by saying specific phrases to the device. As provided by Amazon, here are some of the best ones you can use this holiday.

Alexa’s Halloween Costume Transformations

  • “Put on your halloween costume.” – This year, Alexa can’t decide what to be for Halloween, so you can ask Alexa to “Put on your halloween costume” for unique transformations. Just say: “Put on your Halloween costume!” and Alexa will transform into some of your favorite Halloween characters!

Halloween Game

  • “Which monster am I?” – A Choose your own adventure game. Choices you make determine which monster you become! Zombie? Werewolf? Who will you become?

Horror Movie Trivia

  • “Quiz me on horror movies.”

Fun trivia on horror movie facts, full of delightful easter eggs for horror movie lovers! Can you survive Alexa’s tricky horror movie trivia?  To find out, just say: “Quiz me on horror movies!”

Scary / Spooky stories

  • “Tell me a scary story” – Original scary stories by Alexa. Alexa has plenty of spooky stories to share! Just say: “Tell me a spooky story!”

Halloween Trivia

  • “Quiz me on Halloween”  – Alexa’s Halloween trivia! General questions on Halloween and all things spooky!

Make a potion/spell

  • “Make a potion” – Alexa makes a potion or spell with funny ingredients

You can head over to Amazon’s Smart Home Devices section for more information, and purchasing options. At the moment, you can purchase an Amazon Echo starting at $49.99. You can also check out some of our past device reviews, like the Alexa Echo Show 5.

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