Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

Amazon Devices 2022 brought all of the new technology Amazon is developing to make any home, a smart home, with new features and new devices.

During the Amazon Devices 2022 showcase, Amazon brought all of their new tech coming out in the next few months that aims to make life easier for those who utilize smart devices. With Alexa support across the wide array of new devices with new features, there is technology for everyone, including road assistance and even the Echo’s evolution into becoming its own pseudo Wi-Fi extender.

Kindle Scribe at Amazon Devices 2022

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

First up, is the Kindle Scribe with a Kindle Scribe Pen. This new Kindle allows users to handwrite sticky notes on all books from the Kindle store. The Scribe also allows note taking seamlessly, and even lets the user sketch directly on the pages of their favourite books. Also, the Scribe pedals ‘weeks and weeks’ of battery life.

Vice President of Amazon Devices, said “Kindle Scribe is the best Kindle we’ve ever built, creating a reading and writing experience that feels like real paper,” with “It’s inspired by the Kindle customers who have added billions of notes and highlights to books over the years, and it’s also ideal for reviewing and marking up documents, managing your to-do list, or doodling over a big idea.”

Starting early next year after launch, users will be allowed to send documents from Microsoft Office to the Scribe, letting notetaking happen with ease, and complete access to the Kindle store. The battery of the scribe is nothing to scoff at, letting the scribe survive far longer than the user. The scribe will be available globally this holiday season for $339.99 ($429.00 CAD), pre-orders are available now, and the pen comes included.

Halo Rise at Amazon Devices 2022

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

Next up at Amazon Devices 2022, is the Halo Rise sleep tracker, that works silently and intelligently in the background with no apps to activate, nothing to wear and it utilizes built in contactless sensors to monitor sleep stages throughout the night for accurate sleep monitoring.

The sleep tracker can also detect whether there’s another person or pet with the user, and with built in sensors to optimize your sleeping environment for an excellent sleep experience. Halo Rise also works with Alexa and can increase quality of life in a smart home. The key inspiration for this device, is the goal of helping consumers sleep better, with less forgettable tasks like wearing a monitor to bed. Halo Rise will be available for $139.99.

Echo Studio at Amazon Devices 2022

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

The all-new Echo Studio brings a swath of upgrades, such as spatial audio processing technology, which is designed to enhance stereo sound on compatible Echo devices as well as the Studio. The Dolby Atmos capabilities allow user immersion in sound like never before in an Echo device, and a new Glacier White colourway allows a more personalized experience. The Echo Studio will be available for $199.99 and will start shipping out next month.

Echo Dot, Echo Dot With Clock, and Echo Dot Kids at Amazon Devices 2022

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

With twice the bass of the previous generation of Dots, and a redesign of the interior hardware allows this device to squeeze even better audio quality in the small device as revealed at Amazon Devices 2022. The Echo Dot with Clock also displays artist names and song titles on the clock display now, for more info given to the user.

An accelerometer allows the user to control the Dot with touch controls and a built in thermometer allows the Dot to monitor comfortable room temperatures. More new capabilities allow the Echo, Echo Dot with Clock can function as a wi-fi extender with new eero technology built right in to the Echo, and a software update will allow older Amazon devices to use this technology too. Echo Dot will arrive at $49.99 ($69.99 CAD) and Echo Dot with Clock will be $59.99 $79.99 CAD).

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

The Echo Dot Kids get new character designs as well, bringing a Dragon and Owl design choice for $59.99. All new Echo Dot devices will release next month.

Echo Auto at Amazon Devices 2022

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

The Echo Auto arrives in a slimmer design and includes a new adhesive mount for more placement flexibility in your car. The device is built with five microphones designed to hear your requests over ambient noise surrounding the device. The new Echo Auto starts at $54.99.

Astro at Amazon Devices 2022

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

The Astro was introduced last year, and Amazon has listened to feedback for the updated version of the smart robot from users globally. Astro will now be able to detect beloved house pets, and be easier to use for the older generation. Plus, the Astro can now learn the layout of your home and be sent to check specific locations you may be worried about, like if you left the stove on, or didn’t lock the door.

Astro could be even more useful if it could learn, check locked doors, check on loved ones when you’re not home, and provide an overall better sense of security for users. A new multimodal AI capability gives Astro the ability to learn from users about things in your home that you want it to learn about—and better notify you if something isn’t right. The Astro is still in its first year, and consumers interested in acquiring one will have to wait for a market release.

Ring and Blink at Amazon Devices 2022

The new Amazon Ring and Blink adds a new layer of security to a smart home looking for even more peace of mind when it comes to security. The Blink provides preferred motion detection zones, which means users can focus on the areas that are most important, and new person detection provides the ability to limit motion alert notifications to only when people are present. Will be made available in the coming months for $99.99

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is another useful device to support home security, with new spotlight cam plus and Bird’s Eye View functionality. The device can be pre-ordered now for $229.99.

Fire TV Cube and Alexa Voice Remote Pro at Amazon Devices 2022

The new Fire TV centred devices allow for a more customized Amazon TV viewing experience. The all-new Voice Remote Pro is built to help customers spend more time streaming and less time searching for the remote with a Remote Finder feature. Customization options are also readily available, allowing users to get to their favourite content more efficiently.

The Fire TV Cube is a new way to stream Fire TV streaming media in its most advanced form. A new octa-core 2.0 GHz processor makes this cube 20% more powerful than the previous generation, allowing for crystal clear and vibrant streaming without chugging or issues. This is pedaled as the first streaming media player in the industry with Wi-Fi 6E support, giving a compatible router the ability to stream smoother with less interference from other Wi-Fi devices in the home.

Fire TV Cube will be available for pre-order for $139.99 ($189.99 CAD). Alexa Voice Remote Pro will be
available for pre-order on for $34.99.

Fire TV Omni QLED Series at Amazon Devices 2022

Amazon Devices 2022: All New Exciting Tech Announced

The smartest addition to the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series was lastly announced, featuring the new Fire TV Ambient Experience for the first time. Omni QLED Series combines the Omni Series’ trademark performance, value, and hands-free Alexa controls with new ambient features that turn the TV into an always-smart device when not streaming. hands-free Alexa, you can find apps, discover shows, manage playback, and control the entire Ambient Experience using your voice.

The Fire TV Omni QLED Series will be available in 65” for $799.99 and 75” for $1,099.99 (65” for $1069.99 CAD and 75” for $1499.99 CAD). All the new TVs will be available in the U.S. and Canada at Amazon and Best Buy, with pre-orders starting today.

All information and available pre-orders for all of the new exciting devices announced at Amazon Devices 2022, can be found on their website.

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