Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Repordetly Delayed To Next Year

Likely To Be Shown Off At WWDC 2022

Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Repordetly Delayed To Next Year

Apple’s AR (augmented reality) headset has reportedly been delayed and will likely release at the beginning of next year.

There could be two possible reasons for this. One is that the tech giant doesn’t want to launch its new headset with limited stock. Two is most likely due to supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initial expectations for the new tech are 1 to 1.5 million in its first year. This is all according to GSMArena’s report.

While AR and VR glasses are nothing new, Apple’s introduction will reportedly cost $2,000 and will be the first entry into the premium segment, which seems like a good reason not to launch with limited stock. There was also a recent report that said the screen will feature micro OLED displays. These are thinner, smaller, and more power-efficient as the displays are built right into the chip wafers rather than being a glass substrate. Micro OLED displays also have a much faster microsecond response time, which is good for AR and VR apps.

Apple'S Mixed Reality Headset Repordetly Delayed To Next Year

Apple is expected to hold a WWDC 2022 keynote in June where they will walk us through their AR capabilities even though their new hardware is likely delayed until 2023. The software side of the platform will specifically focus on Apple’s strategy and how they plan to integrate that into their technology for next year. The report also mentioned the device will have advanced sensors for the environment and gesture detection.

It will reportedly be inspired by Apple’s AirPods Max and Apple Watch and could possibly reach a price as high as $3,000. The report also mentioned that the chip, which is being designed in-house, will be one of the main differences between Apple and its competitors. The device is expected to have more than 10 sensors, including cameras, which should help benefit Sony, Will Semi, Sunny Optical, and other parts, suppliers.

There is still some disagreement on its launch though, as one analyst said the headset would be released in late 2022 with limited supplies. More recently, an analyst from Bloomberg said the device is “out of the question” for WWDC 2022 but that it will be launched sometime between 2022 and summer 2023. So it looks like we’ll just have to wait for official word on the release date from Tim Cook himself.

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