Atari VCS Is Now Available For Purchase And Shipping Available To Canada

Atari VCS Is Now Available For Purchase Online At Most Major Retailers

Atari VCS has finally come to home setups in Canada with their new console, inspired by its retro roots.

With the release of the Atari VCS, the year 2021 can say “Let’s play the new Atari system!” and for the first time since launch, the Atari VCS is now available for order in Canada from the official Atari VCS website

Atari has been a staple on the video game landscape since 1972 with its rich history, and the release of the Atari Pong console. An extremely popular device, as one of the first forays in the universe of home gaming.

Finally, the company has announced their first landing back on the home console scene with the sleek VCS, modeled after their Atari 2600 console. Although the VCS has a retro design, it is loaded with technology that lets it stand as a console today.

The VCS gives adopters access to over 100 games via FREE download from retro gaming throwbacks from their 2600’s library, as well as a library of dedicated independent developer-made titles that will arrive for the system. They also allow users access to free game streaming services such as Antstream Arcade, Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Luna, or GeForce which gives Atari VCS adopters more gaming goodness straight out of the box.

Atari Vcs Is Now Available For Purchase And Shipping Available To Canada
Atari VCS

The VCS also functions as a media streaming device, allowing consumers to grab movies and TV shows straight from the Atari dashboard. The new home console can access a plethora of media, like listening to music, and even going on social media. The new companion app helps users integrate into the Atari world seamlessly.

For PC enthusiasts, Windows or Linux can be installed into the Atari VCS transforming it into a small PC that packs a punch, which allows the user an ultimate grip on customization for the new console.

The Atari VCS Onyx Base systems start at $299.99 USD, with another ‘All-in’ bundle available for purchase, as well as separate controllers from their website.

To keep up to date with Atari news, you can find them on social media platforms  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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