Bayonetta 3 Hype Drowned Out By More Drama

bayonetta 3 hype drowned out by more drama 028440

Fans have been seeing a lot of drama surrounding PlatinumGames and Bayonetta 3, with more comments from Hellena Taylor surfacing today.

Instead of the news surrounding the release of Bayonetta 3 and it embracing the the LGBTQ+ community, we are only gossiping about the former Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor and her critics about her unfair wages.

There are two sides to this ongoing drama, one that Taylor has put all over Twitter about her unfair wages and the side of PlatinumGames, who are being very vague in their statements surrounding the issue. Helena Taylor’s tweets mention her unfair wages, and for this injustice of hers, she asks fans to support her claims by boycotting the release of Bayonetta 3.

Most recently, Taylor attempted to defend herself against fans calling her a gold digger and more, and ended up mentioning that she was originally offered $15,000, not the original $4000 she said on Twitter. Fans have been jumping on the thread voicing their concerns over her statements, claiming she lied.

Bayonetta 3 developers responded to these claims by disputing the unfair wages claim and saying they were willing to negotiate to have her back for the third game, but the negotiations came to a halt and both sides were not able to accommodate one another.

Any unfair or underpaid wages given to past voice actors of the Bayonetta series should be talked about but the impending release of Bayonetta 3 should get the hype and recognition it deserves. While we are understanding the low paid wage claims, the game itself has so much happening that it deserves attention too. Bayonetta 3 game will be released on October 28th, just in time for Halloween.

A subreddit has released some interesting spoilers surrounding the game from an unknown leak. Those who had the time to view these leaks before Nintendo removed them; fans were given a sneak peek into the new world within Bayonetta 3. Four spoiler videos were viewed along with the new battle theme. If you missed these leaks, they have been taken down, but the web is vast and someone is bound to put them back online.

While the drama surrounding fair wages is the main reason Bayonetta 3 is in the news, there is one upside and that is the fact that the game is getting more attention, as many say any press is good press when it comes to promoting a product especially if it doesn’t affect the product viability itself.

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