Cities: VR Adapts Skylines into a Hands-On Simulation

| December 2, 2021
Cities: VR Adapts Skylines into a Hands-On Simulation 6

Cities: VR has been announced as the next installment in a long-running series of city management games. Revealed at this year’s Upload VR Showcase, the game will release exclusively on Meta Quest 2 with made for VR changes.

In a release by Fast Travel Games, the studio is taking on Cities: VR as their next project following Wraith the Oblivion: Afterlife. This development includes refining controls from Cities: Skyline and simplifying them for VR. The hands-on controls also work for directly raising buildings and shaping cities.

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Fast Travel Games will also be developing and publishing Cities: VR. The studio adds while it features a new take on 2015’s Cities: Skylines, the VR serves as “a great entry-point to the franchise,” and a new way for veterans to replay the game. Of course, the VR remake for Cities: Skylines preserves other elements for infrastructure. Including controlling public transportation, allocating resources to improve property and zoning.

“It’s an honor to bring this franchise to VR,” Fast Travel Games Creative Director Erik Odeldahl added in a statement. “The city building genre has huge potential in the VR market and we couldn’t wait to work on this IP.”

Cities: Vr Adapts Skylines Into A Hands-On Simulation 1
Cities: VR – Fast Travel Games

For VR, players will also be able to pick up buildings, draw highways and instantly scale maps. A “Scenic Simulator” even lets players enter their city and roam the streets. Just like Skylines, players are elected as a new mayor to grow and improve their city. Cities: VR will also feature a new made-for-VR tutorial introducing brand new players to building simulations. Before leaving a “palette of tools” with a combination of gestures and VR controller buttons.

It’s worth noting Cities: VR will be the first game in the franchise to not be developed by Paradox Interactive. According to Fast Travel Games, the franchise and licenses were acquired before revealing Cities VR. While suggesting Skyline‘s assets will directly be used for VR.

Cities: VR is currently in development for the Meta Quest 2, with a release window for Spring 2022.

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