Conan Exiles Gets Big 3.0 Update Trailer, Introducing The Age Of Sorcery

Conan Exiles Gets Massive 3.0 Update Trailer, Introducing The Age Of Sorcery

The big survival title that released back in 2017, Conan Exiles, has been steadily releasing new content for fans as the title passes its half decade mark, The Age Of Sorcery is introduced.

The Age of Sorcery allows players to dive into the dark arts, by removing a portion of their much-needed HP, in order to cast deadly magic and summon creatures to help achieve the player Exile’s goals. Update 3.0 includes all of this excitement, and fans get the first look from a trailer released by Funcom today, with a scheduled TBA Q3 2022 release window. The trailer can be seen below.

This latest update in the massive Conan Exiles, expands the entire world with sorcery, and removes the previous DLC model the title carried, for a more Battle Pass-like approach, similar to many other games that receive regular updates such as Halo Infinite and Fortnite. Exiles has been receiving regular updates, with the previous Isle of Siptah update giving a wealth of new content, The Age of Sorcery promises to be filled with many more features players can sink their blades into.

Conan Exiles Gets Big 3.0 Update Trailer, Introducing The Age Of Sorcery

Besides the ability to cast new spells, there is a brand new progression system awaiting fans taking the dive into the Age of Sorcery, with new perks that broadens combat diversity and character building deepens, allowing for more dynamic character structure. Building also gets an overhaul, giving players the ability to build not only faster, but the ability to utilize a brand new interface to streamline the process whether playing on keyboard or utilizing good old fashioned controllers. The new ‘Creative Mode’ gives Conan Exiles far more freedom to build, utilizing a Minecraft-like flying system to let nothing get in the way of creative prowess.

Conan Exiles Gets Big 3.0 Update Trailer, Introducing The Age Of Sorcery

The Age of Sorcery 3.0 update also includes minor fixes and quality of life improvements that will be outlined in detail at a later date. The latest update for Conan Exiles arrives at a TBD date in Q3 of 2022. Fans looking for more info regarding the Age of Sorcery can swing over to the Funcom website for more info.

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