Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire Adds Attack on Titan Content, Launched This Week

Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire Adds Attack on Titan Content, Launched This Week 2

Crunchyroll Games’ Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire mobile game launched this week and featured its first collaboration with Attack on Titan.

Eren and his Titan-killing crew on the Survey Corps cannot always be on the battlefield to protect those inside the walls. During his downtime, Crunchyroll Games announced the exciting launch of their latest game, Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire this week (on Tuesday, June 21, 2022). Previous statements on the turn-based mobile RPG card game teased players could specially collect characters from the titular dark fantasy anime Attack on Titan, along with special collaboration quests.

During the pre-registration of the game, an announcement was already made that Bloodline players would be able to collect characters like “Eren, Mikasa and Levi along with other items for trade-in award, and there will be special collaboration missions, themed dungeons and more.” The short teaser showed the character models of the three aforementioned characters in pixel form—including Eren’s Titan form! Who would have thought clobbering enemies as a titan in a turn-based RPG game would look so satisfying?

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Players will also be able to give gifts to the Attack on Titan characters (as well as other characters in the game) to max out their affinity and level them up. In addition to celebrating the launch, pre-registration rewards have continued to roll out.

Here is a list of the special rewards new players could take advantage of at launch:

  • 10% – 100,000 Gold (in-game currency)
  • 30% – 5x Summon Tickets
  • 50% – 10x EXP Material (this monster of a creation)
  • 75% – 5x Summon worth of Diamonds (1250)
  • 100% – 5-star unit

While all the rewards would not be guaranteed and play more like a gacha system (similar but different from Diablo Immortal), obtaining a 5-star unit is assured. Bloodline was said to have over 400 unlockable characters, including but not limited to “valiant knights, demonic warlords, to maniacal jesters and minigun-toting waifus.”

Crunchyroll Games’ Bloodline Adds Attack On Titan Content, Launched This Week 1

While I hope my future waifu could also hold a mini-gun, all of these characters are meant to evolve and level up through combat and consuming powerful upgrade materials. Special actions to improve each character include Job Changes, Fate Links, Tarot Cards, and Mystic Formations. In a game like this, there are many strategies and team compositions to test out, offering a dynamic experience.

The best parts about Bloodline are its Auto Battle, Auto Raid and Auto-Mine features that mean players would not have to be actively grinding out the game. The main concept is for the player to manage their squad, clearing stages and getting items and materials to level up their characters. No time wasted cutting down trees like in Minecraft!

While the Attack on Titan collaboration is awesome, the Bloodline characters are just as interesting. Each character was adapted from the popular manga of the same name, which followed the adventures of Lilo and her friends trekking across the Holy Land uncovering mysteries of the vampire bloodline.

Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire is available now to download on iOS and Android game stores—do not miss out on the special Attack on Titan collab!

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