Dead By Daylight Introduces Ringu Into Their Deadly Adversary Roster

| December 14, 2021
Dead By Daylight Introduces Ringu Into Their Deadly Adversary Roster

Horror survival multiplayer game, Dead By Daylight has been slowly building up their horror villain roster, and they’ve introduced another into the fold.

Like the Friday the 13th game, Dead By Daylight‘s gameplay has a group of survivors work together all controlled by human players in an effort to stop the villain which is also controlled by a human player. The difference is the slow addition of adversaries and universes that has been added to the iconic multiplayer experience.

The expansive roster of villains has been slowly increasing, but now a more niche addition is coming to the title. Behavior Interactive and Kadokawa are teaming up to bring the cult favourite Ringu into the Dead By Daylight universe.

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The Ringu franchise is deemed as heavily important since its initial inception to audiences as a cultural horror phenomenon. A curse spreads to victims, and through the curse, they eventually meet their demise in true horror fashion. It remains to be seen how this mechanic can be transmitted to a gameplay element in the horror game, but Behavior Interactive has done justice to iconic horror before.

Game Director of Dead By Daylight, Mathieu Côté said “The importance of the Ringu franchise in Japan, and its influence on culture around the world are undeniable. To be given the opportunity to dive into that legendary story as we bring this creation into Dead by Daylight is an immense honor,” also saying “This new Chapter will give our players something intensely dark and troubling, a real heart-pounding experience that adds to the already high intensity of our game.”

The Producer of Kadokawa Corporation, Reiko Imayasu echoes the optimistic outlook of the team up by saying “We are very excited about the collaboration with Behaviour Interactive and the Dead by Daylight team. We’ll be sending one of our most haunting characters into the Fog to pour down horrors that will rival all the great predecessors,” while also warning “Fans should beware of their heart; this deadly newcomer will definitely strike them, and they will tremble with fear whilst they wait.”

This exciting mashup based on Ringu is coming in March 2022 to Dead by Daylight.

Fans can stay in the loop of Dead By Daylight news by following the Official Behavior Twitter for news and updates.

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