Demolition Man 2 In Development According to Sylvester Stallone

| May 4, 2020
Demolition Man 2 In Development According to Sylvester Stallone 1

Nostalgic revivals of franchises are nothing new — see Ghostbusters — but if someone were to tell me Demolition Man was getting a squeal almost thirty years after the original 1993 film I would find that hard to believe. Despite this fact, according to Sylvester Stallone, this is indeed the case and a second Demolition Man is in the works.

In an Instagram Q&A session, where fans could ask the actor/director questions of all kinds, the question of a follow up to the classic Demolition Man arose, and much to everyone’s surprise, he announced that it was possible, and was already in development Warner Bros.

“I think there is. We’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. and it’s looking fantastic,” Stallone outlined. “So that should come out, that’s going to happen.”

While this is exciting news to fans of the original film, there is no telling how far along in development the film actually is. With Hollywood essentially shut down due to the pandemic, and countless films shuffled, it is impossible to say at this time what is done if anything on the project. But the fact Stallone is announcing it says there has been more than just discussions on the project, and the fact he mentioned it “looking fantastic” means that hopefully, for fans of the franchise, that a script or story exists currently for the project.


The original Demolition Man first hit theatres in 1993 and starred Stallone as a police officer named John Spartan who after a botched arrest was put into cryosleep as punishment. When Simon Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes is woken up in the year 2032, he is revived and enlisted to try and take down the criminal and bring peace to LA. With a mix of comedy and action, Demolition Man managed to maintain a cult-like status, thanks due to the concept, and unique take on the future.

While little is known about this potential follow-up film, with Stallone pushing for the project, hopefully, fans can here more as Hollywood slowly reopens in the coming months. CGM will cover all new developments as they surface.

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