The Dwarves Receives Three Game Modes in New Update

| March 13, 2017
The Dwarves Receives Three Game Modes in New Update 2

Fans who can’t get enough of The Dwarves rejoice as THQ Nordic announced a major update for the title.

The update is now live for download on the PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, completely free of charge. Among the additions, players will be excited to try out three new game modes, Horde Mode, Time Challenge, and Chase. Horde Mode allows players to fight waves of enemies, while time challenge requires users to kill their opposition as quickly as they can. Chase mode is a more unique gameplay experience where players capture an Orc carrying a rucksack, taking out his allies who get in your way.

“These new modes can be played directly from the main menu,” reads the THQ Nordic press release. “To add a competitive edge, players will earn points and can unlock all of the game’s 15 heroes to use them in these modes, with a high score leaderboard showing the results of each attempt.”

The patch is more than just that, however. There are three new achievements for the new challenges, a new “very easy” mode for the campaign, an engine update that will give a boost in performance, a subtitle option, revamped camera collision, and the addition of the Turkish language.

The Dwarves released in December 2016 to fairly average reviews. Developed by King Art Games and THQ Nordic, the title RPG was fairly well liked by the community, though most admit there were many small issues that hinder the experience.

King Art Games is a Studio based in Germany, with over 30 games under their belts. Though they are mostly known for their work on browser-based titles, they pride themselves for their story driven titles.  THQ Nordic is a little more renown creating brands like Darksiders, MX vs. ATV, and Red Faction.

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